Taking the blacklist even further.

Just a quick note to let you folks know that I’m now using a feature of ExpressionEngine that writes the blacklist to an .htaccess file to help cut down on wasted traffic by the referrer/trackback spammers hitting the site all the time. Some of the blacklist entries are on the overly general side, though, so it could interfere with the display of some entries. If you come across an entry on SEB or any of the other blogs I host that isn’t displaying properly or isn’t accepting comments please let me know about it so I can track down what the conflict is.

Also note that I’ve gone as far as to ban some free blog provider URLs completely because they’re allowing their service to be overrun by trackback and referrer spammers. If you’re a user of iBlogs and you’re not using your own custom domain name then you’ll find that you won’t be able to input your blog’s URL into the proper field of the comment form because I’ve banned the iblogs domain from SEB due to being hammered by spam blogs on that service for the past three days. Blogger was really bad at this for awhile too, but they seem to be cleaning up their act quite a bit. There’s also quite a few free dynamic DNS services that I’ve banned for the same reason. Not to fret, however, if your URL isn’t working and it’s a legitimate blog then just drop me an email and I’ll add it to the whitelist which’ll make it an exception to the rule.

Lastly I have re-enabled trackbacks for the time being as I’m testing a few things out so folks can once again trackback ping entries on SEB if you’re so inclined to do so.

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