Moving not only sucks, it hurts.

We’re almost done with the move to Brighton and my body is about ready to give out. I’ve not posted much over the past few days because, other than Christmas Eve and Day, they’ve been spent at the apartment packing the rest of our crap up. I’ve not had time to even get through my regular blog reads let alone keep up with current events to have anything to blog about. The good news is we’re almost done. Both the bedrooms and the bathroom are packed up and cleaned as is most of the living room and kitchen. Tomorrow we’ll be getting up at 7AM again to head on over and get the last of it packed then at 3PM several very generous friends will be showing up with their vehicles so we can load them down with boxes aplenty and then form up into our own little private caravan to haul it all over here and unload it. Assuming we manage to get everything in one trip tomorrow then Friday will be spent cleaning up the apartment a bit before turning in the keys. If we don’t quite get everything then Friday will see the last of it moved and then the cleaning will begin. If worse comes to worst we can always make use of Saturday as well, but things have gone better than expected so we’re hopeful we’ll get most everything moved tomorrow.

In the meantime I’m popping ibuprofen like candy and stretching out a lot to get my back to stop being so pissy with me. With any luck I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule starting this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Moving not only sucks, it hurts.

  1. I feel your pain. We have stuff to bring in from the garage, but I can’t bring myself to either do it myself or to simply phone around and hire some muscle.

  2. We have stuff to bring in from the garage, but I can’t bring myself to either do it myself or to simply phone around and hire some muscle.

    Ahh, now I know why I keep getting invited over.

    Les, I too feel your pain as I suffer from the same odd-center of gravity.  The weight of a box increases exponentially when one bends down to lift a box.

    An idea I found helpful was to find something like a firm foam cylinder and roll back and forth on it while laying on your back.  I understand that small children work equally as well.

  3. Les, I suppose I don’t need to tell you that ibuprofen doesn’t heal your back.  Take it easy.

    It is absolutely amazing how much junk can accumulate in even a small space.  About eight years ago, I moved my workshop from a tiny attic laundry room, about ten feet square, to my present generous quarters.  Even with lots of help, it took a good week.

    Speaking of which- I need to clean out the room in the back here.  Elwed, deadscot- you guys going to be in Vienna anytime soon?

  4. My deepest sympathies, Les!  I’ve been eating 800 mg of ibuprofen every day for the past few weeks for my back, too.  We’ve (still) got some remodeling going on, so we’re constantly moving furniture (and crap) from one place to another, and having to put things in/take things out of the shed. Jebus, I’ll be glad when it’s done!

    Isn’t it amazing how much stuff a person/family can accumulate, and even more astonishing, how much of it can sit, stored and unused sometimes for YEARS without our missing it?

    Good luck finishing up the move, and take care of your back.  Long, hot showers and nice, long backrubs can do wonders for an aching back (and the marital stress of relocating!).

  5. Not meaning to be a smart-arse or anything but,as my old army section commander used to yell at us – “Bend your fucking knees -******!”
    (add own favored expletive)  wink
    – oh and happy new year folks!

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