Too bad the little fishies had to die while exposing this Darwin Award nominee.

Note: To be fair, he can’t win the award with this endeavor. Surely though, it’s only a matter of time before he’s back as a serious contender.

3 thoughts on “MOM!

  1. somehow the only funny part was the kid squaking like a bitch for his mommy. repeatedly.

    im pretty certain all of the people i work with are bitches. just like the fish tank guy. problem is they’re 30+ years old.

    one can only hope they end up future nominees..

  2. True, this kid is a little old (maybe fifteen?) to be calling his mama before doing something intelligent.  Then again, he’s German (ya hear that, elwed and ingolfson?)
    “Schnell! Eimer! Eimer!”
    “Fast! Bucket! Bucket!”

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