Job Watch: Finally, I have a job.

Late yesterday afternoon my previous contract house sent me a formal offer for the part-time job I interviewed for several weeks back. They apologized for how long it took to bring it all together as year-end projects kept getting in the way—which is perfectly understandable—and they want me to start either tomorrow (according to the email) or on Monday (according to the actual offer document). So I need to call my new boss today and find out which day for sure, what the dress code is, and what time he wants me to show up.

After all this time I’m left with some mixed emotions on finally being back to work. On the one hand I’m excited to be earning money again and furthering my career and I do like the company I’ll be working for quite a bit. On the other hand it’s a big step back from what I was earning and the part-time nature of the job has me worried. Once we move in with the in-laws I’ll be driving from Brighton to Troy every day which is 49 miles one-way. The hope of several of the people I’ll be working for is that within 6 months they’ll be able to convince the powers that be to move me to a full-time role with better pay so this is really a foot-in-the-door opportunity and I’m trying to keep that in mind, but until that happens I’ll probably continue to look for something better on the job boards.

But, hey, I’ve got a job finally so things are definitely looking up.

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  1. Hey Les, congrats on that! You were out for way longer than I was but the rest sounds pretty much the same. I took a job with a salery $20,000 less than I was making before.

    Since then, I have lived through two layoff cycles (still not sure how that happened), and feel pretty comfortable about my position now. Have had two raises that puts me close to $10,000 less than I was making back before I was layed off.

    I got my news of a new job the day before Thanksgiving. So that was kind of good timing. Something to be thankfull for, for sure.

    I must say though, that I kind of liked not working, I just didn’t like the lack of income. smile

    Good luck with the new job and here’s hoping that it becomes full time for you with as much money as you need to return to a normal life. wink

  2. Oh congratulations! I’m so glad—and I suspect that “when it rains, it pours” will hold, too.

    As for the commute—I had a 84-mile round-trip commute when I worked as a contractor (part time!) for a couple of years and highly recommend heading to your local library and getting some audiobooks—it’s amazing how fast (too fast!) time passes when you’re lost in a good book. If I were doing it again, I think I’d get a Cortina Languages Learn Spanish course—didn’t think about that back when.


  3. Also, don’t forget that there are a ton of great podcasts out there worth listening to. An MP3 player would help there, and I don’t recall you mentioning that you have one.

  4. Good for you Les.

    I’m glad something came through. Now watch a whole bunch of doors open up. Probably be so many you’ll be rollinig in options.


  5. I hope this is your beginning to an even better professional life than you’ve had before.

    Keep winning.

  6. Congratulations Les.  I knew if you maintained that Smurfy disposition of yours that you’d land on your feet.

    I’ll send you the works of Pat Robertson on CD so you can listen to it on your daily commute.  That should serve as a motivator to go full-time, buy a house and shorten that commute down to a minimum.

  7. Yee-HAW!!!  This is fabulous news on all counts.  You have a job, it’s a foot in the door, and if a really great full-time job dropped in your lap before they could make a bigger offer, they’d completely understand if you went for it.

    (Les pulling back on stick, camera zooms in on beads of sweat on Les’ brow. Cut to worried passengers, descending altimeter, back to very determined Les. Plane whines, spirals toward ground… but engine sputters and comes back to life.  Flight levels off, clips treetops, begins ascent from under edge of cloud cover to blue sky.)  surprised

  8. W00t!

    That’s great news, and a great Christmas/Solstice/Year’s End present.

    Hope next year gets even better for you!

  9. YAY!! Hopefully this is a stepping stone on the way to your upgrade that you so very much deserve?

    I’ll think happy thoughts for you:)

  10. Nice Les. Too bad about the commute…but hey, like neurowitch said, get on the audiobooks! I just finished listening to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. It actually took me a couple weeks worth of bus rides to get through it because it was totally unabridged. Definitely recommended. I find Audiobooks are good for historical subjects, too. Learn while you earn!

  11. Looks like a troll got in before me.  Well, congrats on the job.  I knew something would come up for you and hopefully it changes to full time with more money.

  12. Congrats and good luck on the new job.

    I second the recomendation of the audio books.  They really helped me out on the drives to the Detroit area and back to Mt. Pleasant.  I have copies of ALL the Big Finish audios, and would be happy to share with ya.  Each story is about 2 hours, and in four 30 minute (approx.) eps.

    Just say the word.

  13. Deleted the troll’s comments. No point in feeding them. Banned the IP address, though I may have to expand it to the whole IP range. Just did the one for now.

    Otherwise, thanks everyone for the kind words. Just wish it hadn’t taken 10 months to pull off. grin

    Hairboy, I’ll take whatever you can share.

  14. Well done mate,things are looking up.If driving all that ways getting you down just feel lucky you’re not me..I cycle 10 km’s to and from work everyday! (and yes;its starting to get to me wink  )

  15. woohoo!  Well done, well persevered, somethign had to come along sooner or later smile

    With the low price of fuel in the US, and the good roads and comfortable cars, look upon the 49 miles as meditation/reflection time.  Most contractors I know here in the UK (myself included) travel at least 50 miles each way, after a while you become rather sanguine about it!

    I hope it pans out well for you, I really do smile

  16. Jake, I’ll be working out of the Troy headquarters for Altair. This is a in-house rather than agency position for a change, but I’ll try to make it down to Dearborn on occasion if I can.

    Incidentally I assume this means you survived the latest round of Ford layoffs? I got a call yesterday letting me know that two of my friends just got laid off the day after I managed to land a new job. The circle of life continues.

    Cliff, I’ve driven further in the past for a job, but not for a part-time job. It’s not so much the distance that bothers me (though I do prefer shorter drives if I can manage them) as much as the concern that I’ll be eating up whatever I earn in gas. grin

  17. I did make it, though I’m going to have to let my counterpart in India go.

    Shoot me an email next time your down by work and we’ll grab a bite.

  18. Adding my cheers here!

    Even if its only a stepping stone to something else, stepping stones do tend to keep you above the waterline wink


  19. Congratulations.  I know it’s been a long tough road to get back to the bottom of the ladder, so to speak, but at least it’s a start.  I know that you are capable of so much more and I am sure that it won’t take long for someone to see that.  When the time comes, you will get a better job, with better pay and benefits.  Count on it. -K

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