Job Watch: 2 down 3 to go.

Had the interview for the Ann Arbor job today in the late morning. I think it went very well, but they’re still early in the process so I don’t expect I’ll hear back from them with a final decision for a couple of weeks; possibly not until after Christmas. I’m hoping it’ll be sooner than that, but at least I have an idea.

Alas I heard back late in the afternoon from the Server Admin position I had interviewed for prior to Thanksgiving and I didn’t get the job. This was potentially the best paying of the recent positions I’ve tried out for, but I knew it was a long shot going into it so I’m not that surprised. They said the interview went very well, but there were just too many other better qualified people available. They asked if they could keep me on file for other possibilities and I of course said absolutely. At least it wasn’t an issue of having too much personality this time.

8 thoughts on “Job Watch: 2 down 3 to go.

  1. Les you are one ugly dude! You are so ugly that the sun has to go down when you walk outside.You are so old looking that when you pass a rest home old people say ” Well he aint no spring chicken”.

  2. Whoa, Les! Burn! That Jimmy sure got your number!

    Best of luck with your job search.  I’m not worried about your long-term prospects- perseverence and talent further, and you’ve got both.  I’m holding my thumbs for you.

  3. Best of luck with the job-hunting Les!

    Poor Jimmy, don’t worry you’ll get laid once who hit puberty…maybe.

  4. Seeing as Jimmy doesn’t want to contribute to the threads he’s posting to I’m just going to remove his comments from here on out and, if necessary, ban his IP address range.

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