So I’m sure there are a few of you out there who still watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (fine show, fine show), which means there are probably some of you who have been watching the Colbert Report, too. Right now I have to give it up for my man Stephen Colbert. Any doubts about the comedic excellence of the Colbert Report were answered for me during the opening credits of the first episode I viewed a few weeks back. It’s been brilliant ever since. Anyone who has seen the opening credits will know what I’m talking about. I can’t decide what’s funnier – his 360 degree newsman-from-the-heavens poses or the crazy adjectives swirling behind the former Daily Show maverick on the show’s introduction sequence. Colbert had me from the word Grippy.

Between rapid fire monologues, pre-interview crowd boosters and utter Cwnage of his guests, Colbert still manages to remain on focus, like the Eagle soaring above his prey.

Anyone interested in the myth that is the man is well advised to visit It’s a fansite with much funny content. Nice guy and superfan Avery entertains with a daily wrap up of the C-man’s doings and also entertains with his own bits of really funny commentary about his day to day life and commitment to the Colbert way. Cobert Nation also sports a letter from Mr. Colbert himself. He writes:

Why endorse a Colbert community website? Because it’s built by you, the people-or in this case Avery Gordon, an American hero who not only “gets it,” but also understands that web commerce generated through use of a public personality’s image must result in full compensation for that personality. (Check out the Eagle’s Nest online gift shop for officially sanctioned Colbert Gear, just in time for the holidays.)

I laughed hardest at the Colbert fanfiction, this bit by Kim B:

Dateline: San Antonio, Texas, site of the Republican National Convention. It’s a blistering day in late summer, one of those muggy affairs where the humidity’s off the charts and it feels 20 degrees hotter than what it says on the thermometer. In short, it’s shorts weather. Short shorts weather.

Given the hellish conditions, O’Reilly shouldn’t be surprised to see Stephen emerge from the bathroom wearing desperately cropped cutoffs. But these shorts’ particular cutoff is, quite frankly, shocking – we’re talking well above the thigh. It’s suddenly the slightest bit warmer in the room, the lack of air conditioning only somewhat offset by Stephen’s icy-cool demeanor as he sports what might as well be a set of denim bikini briefs.

“Looks like the only thing failing to spin in this zone are the rotors on our air conditioner, eh O’Reilly?” deadpans Stephen, focusing his trademark stare squarely on O’Reilly’s quivering eyes. But O’Reilly can’t meet his gaze – to him, the shorts are like a car accident, in all the right ways.

“Who would’ve thought, Stephen Colbert and Bill O’Reilly, cooped up in a tiny one-bedroom press dorm for the duration of the RNC,” continues Stephen, nonchalantly resting one foot on the bed in a seemingly innocent but, from the perspective of his shorts, deliciously provocative way. O’Reilly tries to tear his eyes away from Stephen’s ensemble, but finds that his muscles will not obey his brain’s desperate command.

Also entertaining are the numerous reports of Colbert sightings from fans:

My name hasn’t leaked to the press yet, but I’m a municipal employee, and a big time embezzler. We’re talking millions of taxpayer dollars. Anyway, I saw Stephen yesterday, when he rappelled down the side of my building, crashed through my office window, and nailed me with a Citizen’s Arrest. He seemed cool.

LMFAO. Anyway, just like the opening credits of the Colbert Report (remember, that’s a silent ‘t’ for both words), this CR fansite is worth checking out for the brand of uninhibited comedy Colbert has perfected on his show…oh, and also for the six inch image on the right side of the site of what appears to be a crisply dressed Colbert riding an avalanche while mugging for the camera. Brilliant.

9 thoughts on “Cwnage.

  1. I’m a big fan of the Daily Show, but not so much a fan of the Colbert Report.  Jon Stewart is a good comedian because his jokes encompass many styles of humor like impersonation, sarcasm, mockery and irony.  Colbert’s only tool seems to be sarcasm along with everyone on the Daily Show, but Lewis Black and Jon Stewart.  Whenever he has on a liberal guest he plays the part of the Religious Reich nutjob and “nails them” through sarcastic poorly developed logic.  When he meets the nutjobs he plays along sarcasticly.  The Colbert Report seems to be little more than a poorly developed satire of Fox News.  My preference is the Daily Show and I personally think Stewart should give the rest of his “reporters” to Colbert and keep Lewis Black.  The Daily Show needs more “reporters” that represent the diversity of comedy in Stewart’s own abilities.  The Daily Show would be better and Colbert would have more tools to use to ram the same overused comedic style down the throats of the “Colbert Nation”.  The Colbert Report is a B comedy show.  Period.

  2. But it’s funny because it’s B comedy. Oh well. It’s definitely not for everyone. I just think it’s a really good take on O’Reilly. Give it another chance Theocrat!

  3. There is a difference between trying and succeeding at B comedy, trying and failing and not trying and failing or succeeding.  The Colbert Report is half trying and mostly failing.  If they wanted to succeed they need to go entirely overboard with the sarcasm and cheesiness factors.  They aren’t letting loose and going entirely crazy.  Colbert is trying too hard to be cheesy and doesn’t let the humor go entirely overboard.  Nothing is random or unexpected on the show, it’s a controlled sarcasm that gets drug around between the different segments and gets predictable and boring by the end of the show.  I have to shut the thing off after “The Word” because it just goes downhill from there.

  4. A few episodes ago he mentioned something about his ears being lopsided or asymmetrical, I can’t remember the word he used. Now I can’t stop staring at his ears. Those things are fucked up! grin

  5. I like The Colbert Report, not as much as I like The Daily Show, but that has more to do with what its parodying than the quality of the show. It’s a send up of self-important stuffed shirts like Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly and it’s a pretty good parody of those sorts of shows. Of course, those sorts of shows tend to get my blood pressure up which is why I don’t enjoy TCR as much as TDS, but I can appreciate it.

    Theo, check out this interview with Colbert on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I think it does a pretty good job of explaining what the show is about and what the goals are. I particularly enjoyed Colbert’s empathy for persecuted Christians.

    Colbert, one of the most distinguished names in fake news, has won fans with a brand of reportorial analysis that may be described as fast-forward-thinking. The Colbert Report is modeled after other personality-driven news reviews—chief among them, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox’s ratings behemoth starring Bill O’Reilly.

    In a review in The New Yorker, Nancy Franklin wrote that Colbert “resembles nobody more than he does Bill O’Reilly, and like O’Reilly, he conveys fake humility and easy rage toward inappropriate targets.”

    Good interview.

  6. Hate to tell you this, but is actually owned and run by Comedy Central.  It’s a very well-done fake site.  I too love the show and actually like it better than (*gasp*) The Daily Show personally.

  7. Thanks Ted. You know I actually suspected that CN might not be a true fan site because the content was so consistent…but Stephen wouldn’t tell a lie, would he?

  8. See that’s why I like you rgjp, you get it.  You understand that you shouldn’t be confused by “facts” and “proof,” you go with your gut and I thank you for that.


  9. That’s right, my friend. I will never ignore my gut again…I think. BTW, very apt photo of Mr. Colbert on your blog. It would appear that you got it back in October. I hope CR keeps going for many more months. It truly is a riot…and IMO the perfect show to follow Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central.*

    *This statement of opinion brought to you by Comedy Central.

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