Christmas theme is up and man is it ugly.

And I’m not just talking about my picture either. Yes, my sense of color schemes is comically inept and I admit to that. Truth is I’ve been trying to come up with a new layout and graphics for Yuletide and just haven’t been able to pull of any of the things my imagination has cooked up lately. Seeing as this is about all the Christmas decorating I’m going to do this year I wanted to get something up before too much more time passed. I’ll probably still try to come up with something less garish later in between getting ready to move out of the apartment and finding a job, but with as crappy as the last dozen designs I tried to do have turned out I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it if I were you. If nothing else I’ll keep playing with the color scheme to see if I can’t tone it down a bit…

25 thoughts on “Christmas theme is up and man is it ugly.

  1. Hey, it isn’t completely spasm inducing.

    Ooh ooh, I know! Make each letter on the page a different color. That’ll be fun to try to read.

    Do it! Do it! Go ahead, do it!

  2. hahah… actually my first reaction was something along the lines of “eeeuugh!!”.. I dunno, I was too busy being shocked at what looked like a discolored monster raspberry. I have to admit.. with less saturated colors it might not be as bad – and your face needs more color. That’s my two cents. I’m off for a two-day Java programming bender.

  3. Suggestions? 

    Make the logo one color, either red or green. 

    Make “icicles” hanging off the letters of the logo.

    Make candy canes out of the “I’s” in “STUPID” and “EVIL”. 

    Put some Xmas “lights” around the logo.

    Here’s a link to some PDFs that show how to make some of this crap in Photoshop:

    The Christmas-y stuff is near the bottom of the list.

    Take a picture of the hat (with you in it, of course) as close to the original pic’s perspective as possible – it’ll be easier to cut the hat and paste it into the original “Les” that way.

    Don’t do ALL of these things, or the site will REALLY look wretched.

    I could try to get some samples out to you this week, but I need to find a few free cycles . . . this whole “Christmas shopping” thing has got me on high alert, cuz i’m nowhere *near* finished, and some of these shoppers need a SLAP!  “Christmas spirit” my ASS! 

    People are fightin’ over “stuff”, and it’s startin’ to get *ugly* . . . [slinks back into the Target jungle, knife between teeth]

  4. Yeah, it’s an ugly layout, but it’s the only Christmas decorating I get to do this year. I usually have my tree up by now, but I’ll be throwing it out instead.

    I’ll try to get something a little less eye twisting up in a day or so. I promise.

  5. I must admit, it reminds me more of a “Fallout 2” theme, than xmas. Why not write a javascript that pulses alternating letters in red or green. wink

  6. I agree with arc_legion that the color is a bit off.  You should have offered more contrast with regard to the colors you used.  The black background and the color of your hat and your face do not seem appealing.  Make it a bit more illuminated at least.

  7. I don’t think it’s so bad.  But then again, my tastes have been called into question numerous times.  Regardless, your theme isn’t that bad.  Could be better.

    Maybe making the letters oddly-shaped Christmas trees (that’s right, I said Christmas tree, fuck the neo-yuppie scumbags who’re offended by that!!) would suffice.

    Actually, if you made all the letters to look like carved chunks of ice.. wait, that’d be better for a January-themed page.

    Beau Tochs makes some good suggestions.  My suggestion would to be to consider them.


  8. The logo looks a little more sci-fi than Xmas-y to me, but I like everything else. You could whiten your beard, that’d be kinda funny. Hey, how come we have whiten and redden and blacken, but not “bluen” or “greenen”, or even “pinken”?

  9. I’m back for a bit before I sleep away the day. I just want to say in reference to what I said before – gasp – you might consider not making the background black. I know that’s wierd, since, except for SEB Reviews, I haven’t seen it. However, it would be a nice alternative to the current design and would embrace the color saturation/contrast a lot more. White may be going too far, but…

  10. good contrast with the red n green.. a bit festive
    but i dont care. easy to read and not painful on the eyes.. but where are all of the godawful blinkin lights? where is the hideous alvin and the chipmunks christmas audio clip playing in insane repetition?
    now that shit is evil..

  11. Hmmmm…an athiest using the word CHRISTMAS…

    I would expect more use of Xmas.  Interesting.  But what else would you call the holiday?

  12. Yule, the Celebration of the Winter Solstice, or simply, The Holidays would be good places to start. this topic was approached elsewhere within the last week or two, to which the general consensus remained something like “celebrate it how ya want, and leave everyone to their own”. If it’s all about spending time with family and/or rejoicing about the fact that winter hasn’t killed you (among other reasons to be thankful for what you’ve got), what you call it really doesn’t matter except as a matter of ease-of-use in semantics. Frankly, ‘The Holidays’ do me just fine.

  13. I simply say “Happy Holidays” in general. When I’m with my family I may say “Merry Christmas” (particularly with my grandparents, who are church-goers), but seeing how I am a Wiccan (and most of my friends are either Wiccan also, Pagan, Jewish, or atheists) I don’t say “Merry Christmas” too terribly often.

  14. The first thing I thought was “ack!” Then I was just glad that I’m not red-green colorblind. I do tend to agree with the suggestion about the black BGCOLOR, though. I’m not entirely sure what other color to choose (please not stark raving white), but the black kind of makes the red borders swim before all 4 of my eyes.

  15. For me, this time its “What is wrong with this picture?”-Xmas, because its summer, and Santa Claus wears swimming trunks (its my first Christmas living in New Zealand).

    Wonder if I will get used to it someday…

  16. I happen to like the setup just the way it is, and in fact, find it an improvement upon the normal schema. It looks good in Firefox 1.5 anyhow. I can’t say how it might look in IE, because we all know how perfectly IE adheres to web design standards *cough*.

    I vote you change the color schemes more often. I like the black background though, keep that smile

    My only suggestion, is that you should change the subtitle to white. Yellow doesn’t go well with that hue of green at the bottom of the letters, and white is more in line with the whole holiday color scheme you have going on.

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