A very SEB Christmas to you and yours.

Probably won’t be getting much in the way of posting done today. I just got my PC back online after a week of being disconnected due to the move to my in-laws house. Plus that whole Christmas thing keeping me busy. Speaking of which I owe a big thank you to Laughing Muse for the DVD of Season 2 of Red Dwarf that she sent me off of my wishlist and to someone else who graciously purchased Splinter Cell 3 for me, but whose name remains a mystery as the packing slip doesn’t say. If you’re reading this and it was you then thank you very much for the gift.

So here’s hoping you’re spending the day with friends and family and Santa was good to you this year. More later, but for now Melvin the Official SEB Christmas Cat says…

16 thoughts on “A very SEB Christmas to you and yours.

  1. Merry Christmas Les! Once again, thanks for another great year at SEB.  Many happy returns to you, your family and all the little bastards here at SEB.

    As for me, I’m running a little short on cash so, I could only afford one ho this year.

  2. Merry everything everybody and thanks for meeting here so often.

    Don’t eat too many rum balls.

  3. Don’t eat too many rum balls

    What is this, “too many rum balls”, of which you speak?  There’s ‘rum balls’ and ‘too many’ of something but I don’t see how they can be combined in one sentence.

    Merry Christmas, Les and All!  (Translate as needed)

  4. Merry Boxing Day and a good slide into the New Year for Les and family, and all the Bastardettes here!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. This was intended for you, Les, but some how this guy managed to post his comment on my site.

    I’m not sure which article it was for, but his elloquence is suitable for any of them.

    Do you get a lot of stuff like this?

    Jimmy Kanada

    Les you are just like some protagonizing hipocrit. You spore of pig pulp. Yeah creep hide behind your sconce. Your science fiction sucks. With your old out of date beard. You ignorant twit. You udder of cow looking nut case. Do you ululate at night? You are the definition of all umbrage.You may need Valium. Your lunitic followers must be servile to your lunacy. Your dim witt comments are bewildering and uneducating. What type of theogony do you study?Do you have some stigma.You nonchalant pig. You need psychotherapy. You obese zombie. Your words are objectionable to any real logic. Why dont you just… disappear into some lost and forgotten oasis you creature of the pale moon light.How dare you speculate on me.is ugly your cornerstone? You out of the reality of conscious thinking pegan. Maybe you are world renounced and rebuked. You repulsive monster. You have some nerve. Symmetry is obviously not you major. You symbolize evil to the core. Your mind needs replenishing.How dare you taint the web this way. You tacky looking swine. You have mortified yourself enough. Your blog is a big dumb hoax of madness and confusion. Stoic to any opposition huh? You numb headed fake poop talking pegan. You procure prodigal nothing at all interesting to weman idiot.You seem over zealous and dumb found by life itself in theory. All of you brain washed followers are mismanaged by your gossip.You presuppose things like a bumbling fool. Hello you idiot come back to planet earth you scumbag. My comments may be considered a technical foul on some websites. But never under estamate. Yes i said it and will state it over and over again. Ha Ha Ha! you ugly wize ass pachyderm. Get a shrink before your ego deflates and get a clue on reality Les Jenkins (Stupid Evil Bastard).

    He kind of makes me wonder if evolution is selective…

  6. Ah, never mind… I found your previous thread about this guy.

    I’d love to interview someone like that. I’m curious if they actually think they’re helping their cause babbling nonsense.

    I get the same sense of wonder watching the awful singers at the start of “American Idol”. Are they really oblivious to the way everyone else perceives them, or is it all just an act.

    Happy Holidays, Les.

  7. Les, does Anne know about your little, scorned lover?

    I’m guessing that in the next five years we’ll see the implementation of online restraining orders. (You must stay at least 5 servers away from me.) On the upside, Jimmy doesn’t seem to have anything that can’t be cured by repeating the fifth grade.

  8. Ooooo! Red Dwarf! Tasty treats!

    We got The Young Ones dvd a couple of years ago. haw haw haw!

    Love the xmas cat. He looks so pleased about wearing a hat, as most cats are when adorned with a chapeau.

    As far as the post that Frac received. Um, I dunno, I guess I feel like if the writer was able to spell, maybe it could be remotely insulting. As it is, to me, it looks like a giant billboard letting the world know what a total dumbfuck he(?) is. (Like, maybe keep the fact that you have a second grade reading level under wraps, el stupido.)

    Anyhoo- I hope that 2006 is far kinder and gentler to you and your family, Les.
    I figure, it’s gotta be, right?

    Catch you later…..

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