A friendly reminder to keep your Christmas tree watered.

The folks over at Compfused have an NIST video of a Christmas tree fire that is worth watching if you plan on having a live tree in your home this Yuletide. It’s a not so subtle reminder of the importance of keeping it watered so it doesn’t dry out. The speed at which the fire spreads is dramatic to say the least. I’ve had artificial trees for most of my life so this hasn’t been a big issue for us, but if I ever do go with a live tree I’ve got this to keep me on my toes.

1 thought on “A friendly reminder to keep your Christmas tree watered.

  1. Holee… flurking… schnitt!!!

    If I owned a department store that sold artificial Christmas trees, I’d put up a computer with that video looping on it next to the display – heh.

    Once when I caught my oldest son and his friend spraying hairspray on the wall and lighting it, I made them read the chapter on house fires, of the Scientific American book Fire by John Lyons.  It explains the math behind time-to-flashover, and how energy of the fire is proportional to surface area burning.  A Christmas tree has a lot of surface area against its mass.

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