You can all go to Hell!

I spent the last few years or so visiting a bunch of different web-sites that give their views of the world and the “here-after” from a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc. etc. point of view. They all exhibit the same tendencies that my dear old mother lives by. This sweet (?) self-centered lady has spent more than eighty years not only believing that the world revolves around her, but that it also always operates only in a way that makes sense to her. If by chance it does not conform to her ideals then there is something wrong with the world, not her!

Now not being knowledgeable enough about the Eastern Religions to comment on them, this is exactly the way staunch proponents of Western Religions behave.

Thank God that moderates have been tempered enough by modern secular society that they and their beliefs are compatible with the general population and other faiths. (Or tolerated anyways – and I still have enough spiritualism in me to say “Thank God!”)

The consensus now among the major religions is a policy of “live and let live!”

The fundamentalists, (whether they be Christian or Muslim) on the other hand, still live by the rule that they are right and everyone else is wrong. (Just like Mom!) They, in their arrogance believe they have an inside track on paradise and anyone who disagrees with them is bound for hellfire and damnation.

Although Christianity has lost some if its zeal for spreading the “Word” at all costs, Islam has the distinction of not only being directed by God to convert all non-believers, but to do so by force if necessary.
This, along with a closed mind to any outside influences, makes for religions that are both stagnant and rigid. The Bible or the Koran can be held up like a shield to protect the adherents from any attempt at logical or even rational thinking. “Nothing can sway us because we are the choosen and you are naught but infidels!”

I have, in my ignorance, debated and argued with staunch religious practitioners and the only thing I accomplished was to frustrate and aggravate myself.

No amount of logic, obvious facts or just plain common sense could sway these people from their chosen path. They will engage in all sorts of convoluted mental gymnastics and outright self-deception to avoid beign confronted with a threat to their carefully nurtured “belief system!”

The only way to go through life for them is with blinders on least their universe crumbles under them from an erosion of faith!

Rather than continue to enrage and exasperate myself I have come to the conclusion to just ignore them all and make the best of life according to my own ideals and convictions.

A patient goes to the doctor and says; “Doc, it hurts when I do this!” To which the doctor says; “Then don’t do that!”

So——you can all go to hell! (no pun intended.)

Your frustrated scribe;
Allan W Janssen

13 thoughts on “You can all go to Hell!

  1. You raise some good points.  My only disagreement is that as far as I know, the Koran does not condone proselytizing.  Muslim missionaries don’t exist in the same way that christians do.  I may, however, be wrong.

  2. I think you are right, I have not heard of Muslim missionaries either. They have a better way, convert or we will kill you!

  3. I found this site interesting, and think it helps to expose Christianity as the cult that it is – particularly the writings comparing it with Judaism.  It also occurs to me that staunch unbelievers are allowing Christianity to define the god that they reject.  I say beware of any religion that markets itself to you, because that very practice is characteristic of a cult.

  4. The problem with ignoring them and just going about your business is that horrible things happen. Bush. For example.

  5. Frac- the Religion vs. I.Q. graph demonstrates a strong negative correlation between religiosity and I.Q.  They append three possible reasons for the correlation:

    1. Considering religion important lowers measured IQ (unlikely, since IQ is substantially genetic whereas belief is not).
    2. The causality is via other factors not considered, such as socio-economic conditions, cultural history, or physical environment (definitely possible).
    3. Having a higher measured IQ lowers your likelihood of considering religion important (my personal favorite, given the absence of evidence to the contrary).

    Since separating education from I.Q. is notoriously difficult, and there is a well-known negative correlation between academic level and religiosity, my personal favorite for the most important factor is number 2.  People who are inherently (whatever that means) more intelligent are perhaps somewhat more likely to become atheists, but there are plenty of intelligent believers.

    As far as the stupidity of humanity goes- most of us are pretty stupid, as far as leaving a liveable planet for our grandchildren goes.

  6. I think a high I.Q. enables a person to see religions falacies and contradictions and general bullshit with a clearer light. In other words the smarter you are the less likely you are to getting snowed by religion. (that’s why I am so anti-religion! ha ha)

  7. moses, I agree, but I still believe education is a more important factor in rejecting religion than I.Q.

  8. The graph doesn’t extend that high.

    Oh yeah, psotas?  Well, I’m not on the graph because it doesn’t have enough dimensions!

  9. While it would be lovely to let Christianity lay there and rot, thats what they would expect people to do, to simply keep their backs turned while they get away with their sick games.

    The innocent people who are simply stuck in the cycle of denial and self-mutiliation aren’t as much the problem, as they ass fuel to the fire, but aren’t the fire itself.  The problem resides in the ones who create this cycle, the preachers, the protestors, the extremists, or more simply: the leaders and defenders.

    These should not be ignored, but publicly derided, humiliated and exposed for the demons they really are.

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