Time for Yet Another Update On The Job Search: I just got back from an interview this morning for a third possible job. This one would be with a major bank that has it’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, a bit of a drive from Canton and a definite haul from Brighton, that is looking for 13 PC Support Techs to support its operations. It’d be a two month contract to start and, if they’re happy with my performance, would be extended further after the initial period ends. It’s only paying $18 an hour, though, and that’s a helluva drive for that kind of money. Still, if it ends up being my only choice it’s still better than nothing so I went and interviewed for it. No idea when I’ll hear a decision from them about it.

Heard back from my old contract house. They are planning on making me an offer, but the HR people are busy with year-end benefits stuff so I probably won’t hear from them until next week about it. I doubt the offer will be anything other than what I already know it should be, but again I’d be happy just to get an offer at this point. It’s $3 less an hour than the above position, but Troy would be less of a drive from Brighton than Auburn Hills would.

Nothings changed on the server admin job as that interview isn’t until next Tuesday, but I did get an email from a company out of Ann Arbor yesterday that does on-site network service and support for several local counties including the one I’m about to move into (Livingston). In addition they also do web design, web hosting and web based database programming. Apparently they got my resume from one of their employees whose wife is a reader of SEB. Many thanks to whomever it was that handed off my resume as this job could be worthwhile simply from a travel standpoint. I have no idea what they have in mind or how much it would pay, but I’m always willing to talk to folks about any opportunities they might have for me so I sent a reply back saying I was at their disposal.

So things are definitely improving as the number of phone calls and inquiries I’ve gotten lately is on the upswing. This gives me good reason to hope that someone will eventually get around to hiring me and I can get my career restarted soon. I may even be back to my old optimistic self before too much longer.

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