This is just to say

Just some gourmet food for thought that I’ve been cooking in my head lately:

  • The Royal Family is here in the Bay Area this weekend, but for some reason I just don’t care
  • Catholics should be against Alito, because of his stance against Separation of Church and State. Catholics have had their history of being at both ends of the persecution stick, and should be working for equal rights for everyone
  • The “Quick Save” function in ExpressionEngine is anything but quick
  • I really love The 43 Folders Podcast. Merlin Mann gives great tips in a hilarious manner. I love that guy.
  • Whoever gets the reference in this entry’s title first gets a free and/or Gmail invite
  • Is stealing spilled coffee beans in Supermarkets shoplifting?


2 thoughts on “This is just to say

  1. Hey wow, Merlin Mann!  I’ve not seen his name for years.  Glad to hear he’s still doing good stuff!

    He was once in a band called Bacon Ray.  You can check out some of their stuff here.  Hope you like and thanks for the tip about 43folders!

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