The job drama continues.

Well it’s Thursday and I still haven’t heard back from my previous contract house about the job I interviewed for so I’m assuming that they weren’t able to move the staff meeting up to Monday from its usual time of today. On the downside that means I’ve just spent the last three days worrying, but on the upside it means I should hear something later today or tomorrow; assuming the stress hasn’t given me an aneurysm yet. The decision to move in with my in-laws is pretty much a done deal unless there’s some last-minute lottery winning miracle that should occur, but I still have one more month of rent to pay for before that happens in addition to various bills that are starting to come due right about now. Freelancing jobs with Compeople have been sorely lacking as of late so needless to say I’m particularly anxious to get back to work soon so I can earn at least a little money to deal with some of these issues before they become major problems.

But there’s a new wrinkle that’s just developed. I got a call from my buddy Rob yesterday that his boss had forwarded my resume on to the folks in charge of the server group at Ford and I just got off the phone after a brief discussion with the recruiter about the position. She didn’t have much time to talk about it at the time, but wanted to touch base and ask if it would be OK for her to call back later this evening around 5PM to discuss the job in greater detail along with my background. To which I replied, “Absolutely!” I have no idea how much the job would pay, but it’s fairly decent based on what I know from talking with folks who already work in that group as back when I was a planner at Ford the guy who was the Second Level PC Administrator who supported most of the buildings I had under my wing ended up moving into that very same group and seemed quite happy with the pay raise he received as a result. It would also be full-time work as opposed to part-time. It wouldn’t be with my favorite contract house, but you go were the work is. I should be able to fill in a few of the details this evening.

Life, in its constant struggle to make sure any good news is evened out by some bad news, still had one more surprise in store for me yesterday. The last molar in the upper left side of my jaw has a pretty good sized filling in the side of it and yesterday the back half of the remaining tooth decided to break off so I could swallow it before I realized what happened. The filling is still intact and in place as near as I can tell and I’m not in any pain, though I am a bit wrought over suddenly being minus a good chunk of tooth back there. Last time something like this happened they ended up putting a cap on the tooth and if they do the same with this one it’ll make for the fourth cap in my mouth—two of which are literally gold teeth because I wanted a reminder when I brushed of why I’m brushing—but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough tooth left to put a cap on. Not to mention that not having any insurance at the moment pretty much means I’m going to have to hope it holds up in its current state until I do get back to work and get some insurance going.

So there’s were we stand as of today. Still waiting to hear back from the last job I interviewed for, maybe getting ready to go to a new interview for a possibly better position, and swallowing chunks of tooth that have decided to go into early retirement. I don’t know how much more of this kind of fun I can take.

4 thoughts on “The job drama continues.

  1. If it starts to hurt, and you really have to get soemthing done, you can always go to a dental college.  At least it’s not hurting, though.  My teeth always hurt first, even for something stupid.

    And good thoughts your way about the job sit.

  2. Do tell, Les – has the jobs decision been delayed again? Sheesh, you seem to have about as much luck with getting work as I have with getting girls hmmm

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