SEB and family have moved to a new server.

No, not a new webhost just yet, but a new server. Awhile back the folks at Blogomania told me that it might be possible to move my account from the shared server it was on—which hosted mainly MovableType blogs—to a server specifically for ExpressionEngine and WordPress users and that this might help speed things up a bit. I let them know the other day that if the offer still stood I’d like to take advantage of it and last night I got a notice that the move would take place.

The good news is that it does seem to have helped a bit, though SEB still takes a few moments to render because I’m doing so much with the template. Still, it snaps right up there and all the other blogs I host for family members are damn near instantaneous in their response time. Hopefully this should make the submission of both entries and comment a bit speedier and just general more pleasant all the way around. At least until I land a job that allows me to pay for a dedicated server.

Let me know if anything amiss happens during your visit as you never know what gremlins will sneak in during a server move.

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