PS3’s boomerang controller might not be so bad after all.

When Sony unvieled the upcoming Playstation 3 I had the same reaction a lot of folks had to the boomerang shaped controller design: I thought “WTF?” I’m a big fan of the current dual-shock controllers the PS2 uses and while the basic layout is the same in the new PS3 versions, the shape has changed quite a bit. It’s received quite a bit of criticism from a lot of folks despite the fact that no one’s really had a chance to try it out yet and see what it’s like once it’s actually in your hands. Now some folks have come up with a animated GIF picture showing why the new design is going to be better than the old one. Namely because of improved ergonomics. According to the demonstration the idea behind the new controller is to put your hands in a more natural position and make it more like you’re holding, say, a steering wheel.

I have to admit that after watching the simple demo I’m more inclined to give the new design a shot before passing judgement on it. I still think it looks like an attempt to be too stylish, but then I’ve never been that studied on ergonomic concepts that I’d spot the fact that there was any consideration for how your hands would hold the controller. Now I want to pick one up and see how it feels. It’s possible I could love it even more than the old controllers.

Link found via Joystiq.

1 thought on “PS3’s boomerang controller might not be so bad after all.

  1. Think about it, though.  If someone tries to steal your PS3, you can just throw the controller at them! 

    Personally, I care more about the Revolution controller, which is looking pretty f****d up right now.  I’ll try it before I buy it.

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