Life continues its roller coaster-ness.

Just got back from the job interview with my previous contract house. Turns out I met with just two of the four guys I was originally supposed to talk to and they seem perfectly happy to give me the job. They still need to talk it over with the other two guys, though, so it’s not a given just yet. Still I should hear from them later this afternoon with a yea or nay which will keep the sittin’ and stressin’ to a minimum. Only drawback I can see (other than it’s only part-time) is the drive to the office in Troy. It’s not a greater distance than what I used to drive to Ford, but the freeways involved are notorious for having traffic jams during rush hour so it takes longer than it should.

In other news we put in our lease renewal a week ago for the apartment we’re living in and today I got a call from the office about it. The company that owned our complex just sold it to a different company, something we knew about because we all got letters telling us to change who we made the check out to, and the new company would be happy to continue our lease except that we live above the model they use to show prospective customers and they want to turn our apartment into a second model. Basically this means we’re going to have to move either to a new apartment elsewhere in this complex or to someplace else entirely. On the one hand we’ve been wanting to move out of here for at least 4 of the last 6 years we’ve lived here and we were hoping to buy a house this summer until I became unemployed. My first thought is that we should see if there’s anything else around Canton that would cost about the same as this place to rent and just go ahead and move if we have to anyway, but I doubt that I’ll find anything as inexpensive as this place is and I don’t know if they’d lease to me without my actually having a job nailed down as of yet. Needless to say I’ll probably be exploring my options this weekend.

Just got a call from the contract house. The two people I interviewed with today were very impressed with me and the third fellow was impressed after they talked to him and showed him my resume. However the last person who holds the final decision making power wants to discuss it further at a staff meeting next week which normally doesn’t occur until the end of the week, but they’re going to try and reschedule it for Monday. So I don’t have the job just yet, but it’s looking pretty good and I should know more come Monday.

Finally, Courtney’s grades for the first marking period came in today and they’re not as good as they should be. One A, two Bs, and three Cs including a C- in Spanish. Ouch. Can’t find her mid-term progress report to tell if it’s an improvement or not (as that was pretty bad as well), but it’s going to make for some unpleasant times around here just the same. Because I’m unemployed Courtney and I aren’t on the medication we were taking for our ADD and I don’t know how much of a factor that’s playing in this drop in her performance as opposed to just the second year being a lot harder than the first year which she finished up with mostly A and Bs. It’s definitely a motivation to get back to work at a job with some medical benefits that’ll help cover the cost of getting us back on the ADD meds. Of course this entails paying off the $440 bill we have with the clinic because my medical coverage ended sooner than I thought it would when I became unemployed.

Grrrr. Nothing like finding out the light at the end of the tunnel is just that of an oncoming train. Can I get a job and get the bills caught up before they unleash the dogs upon us? Find out next week!

9 thoughts on “Life continues its roller coaster-ness.

  1. Damn, Les, can you just have a boring life please? I think one of the reasons I quit my job was because I was feeling guilty having one when you didn’t.

    Well, actually my job was driving me crazy and now that I’m sane again I’m wondering what the fuck got into me.

    I hope things turn positive for you. I’m ready for us both to get back to work.

  2. I’m glad you’re finally starting to get some good news coming in.  It sounds like I’ve been neglect in swinging by Courtney’s site and posting in Spanish.

    This lease ordeal may be just the thing you’ve been needing to abandon the place, though moving pretty much sucks, especially if you do end up purchasing a house shortly thereafter.

  3. Les, you said in the post titled “Ain’t that just my kinda luck…” that Courtney qualified for medical coverage. Isn’t it possible now to get her back on her meds? Just a thought to maybe help lessen the worry about grades…
    Holding a good thought for you and the new job (and a even bigger good thought that they will realize how they can’t believe they ever survived without you so that they have to make you full time within a month of starting part-time.)

  4. Les, life is really dangling you on the rope. All the best!!!

    As for Courtney, she’s probably worried about you / the family as well, so that is rather unlikely to be good for school.

  5. If you move out near Wixom (not that you want to) two bedroom Apts here in The Village are $555.00 and one bedrooms are $455.00. I would suggest you move into one of the empty ones around me and you could use my DSL gratis but I live in a single.

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