Let’s all go to The Movies.

The folks at Lionhead Software have just released their new game called The Movies which lets you take control of your own movie studio and do all the things that are required to produce a movie. After which you can not only watch the movie you’ve created, but upload it to the newly opened The Movies community website for others to enjoy.

This game looks pretty interesting because it combines the popular “tycoon” style of gameplay with the growing trend of producing machinima. Despite the fact that the game has only been out a short while, the community website is already bristling with content. Including a short, but brilliant movie about the Intelligent Design Debate. Some of these films are pretty good and some show why these people will never be in charge of anything other than a virtual movie studio. I’d probably fall into the latter camp. Still, I may have to add this one to my wish list.

Oh, and then there’s this one about a guy getting too wrapped up in his game.

3 thoughts on “Let’s all go to The Movies.

  1. The intelligent design movie was actually quite well done.  The dialogue was really witty.  I especially liked the closing line, “If evolution were true, I’d have a self-lubricating hand”.

  2. Well the game is awesome… You can either play in sandbox where the goal is to make cool movies. Or you can play a story mode where you build up a studio starting in the 1920’s and improve actors and set pieces etc. Very well done, awesome menus, awesome style. Having this and Black and White 2 on my machine at the same time has only proven to me further that Peter Molyneux is a gaming god.

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