Judge grants injunction against Michigan’s video game law.

Things aren’t looking good for Michigan’s recent video game law that was due to go into effect on December 1st. The lawsuit filed last month by the ESA, VSDA and the Michigan Retailers Association has already won a partial victory in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan with the judge granting a preliminary injunction preventing the new law from going into effect:

“(Michigan) has been unable to demonstrate the perceived harm it seeks to protect against,” Judge George Caram Steeh wrote in a ruling obtained by Reuters.

He added that the state had failed to show what harm could result from selling games to minors. The judge also said “obvious harm” could arise from “stifling free speech” if the law goes into effect as planned on December 1.

“Plaintiffs have demonstrated that the Act is unlikely to survive strict scrutiny, and that irreparable harm follows from the loss of First Amendment freedoms,” Judge Steeh wrote.

This isn’t that big of a surprise as similar laws in other states and cities have been struck down for similar reasons, but that hasn’t stopped other states from jumping on the bandwagon with Delaware being the most recent along with Illinois, Florida and California. It’s interesting to note how many of these laws are being initiated and hyped by Democrats. You’d think they’d be smart enough to realize that these laws, as crafted, won’t hold up in court and if you’re as cynical as I am you’d go as far as to think that they’re counting on it. Ever since the last Presidential election it seems some Democrats have been scrambling to pile onto any issue that’ll show the voters that they too have Family Values. If the courts strike down the laws then they can pile onto the Activist Judges bandwagon as well. Two birds, one stone.

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