Intelligent Design Board Members Ousted In Dover Elections/Kansas Department of Education OKs ID

All of the Intelligent Design supporters on the Dover, PA school board were ousted in Monday’s elections.

From the York Dispatch:

Dover CARES sweeps school dir. seats

Dover CARES candidates swept eight seats available on the Dover Area School Board in tonight’s election, according to unofficial vote totals from the York County elections office.

Sixteen candidates sought the eight seats and were split into two camps, based largely on the issue of intelligent design.

Dover CARES candidates think that if intelligent design is referenced, it should be in an elective course, such as comparative religion.

The incumbent school board members who were ousted in Tuesday’s election favor mentioning intelligent design in biology classes.

Winning four-year seats tonight were Dover CARES candidates Bernadette Reinking (2,754 votes), Terry Emig (2,716), Herbert McIlvaine Jr. (2,677) and Bryan Rehm (2,625).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Sherrie Leber (2,584), James Cashman (2,526), Edward Rowand (2,547) and Alan Bonsell (2,469).

Winning two-year seats were Dover CARES candidates Lawrence Gurreri (2,623), Judy McIlvaine (2,658) and Patricia Dapp (2,670).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Eric Riddle (2,545), Ronald Short (2,544) and Sheila Harkins (2,466).

In a race for a separate two-year seat, Dover CARES candidate Phil Herman edged school board member David Napierskie, 2,542 votes to 2,516.

A victory for those of us who believe ID belongs in a religious studies class and not in the science classroom. Unfortunately, the Kansas State Board of Education in a 6-4 vote, decided in their vote Monday to allow ID in the classroom.

From the /. article here:

kwietman writes “The Kansas State Board of Education voted 6-4 to allow science students in public schools to hear materials critical of evolution in biology classes. The new curriculum mentions that theories of life arising from similar building-block molecules through purely random processes can be challenged by recent findings in the fossil record and by molecular biology. Not all were happy, however. ‘This is a sad day. We’re becoming a laughingstock of not only the nation, but of the world, and I hate that,’ said board member Janet Waugh. The new standards will be used in statewide standardized testing; the students are still expected to know ‘basic evolutionary principles.’ As part of the decision, the Board of Education also went so far as to redefine science itself, saying that it is ‘no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena.”

Read the MSN article here.

Some of the comments on /. are not too optimistic about the Kansas approach to things. For instance:

“And those in the Kansas government should know that this issue is making Kansas a laughing stock world wide. There is absolutely nothing that you could do to get me to move my family, science or business there. Speaking of business, we are in the initial stages of moving technologies we have developed into the privately funded domain and early estimates are that we are sitting on significantly large markets right out the door with significant expansion likely in a variety of areas. Kansas does not remotely have a chance of attracting businesses like ours given the educational climate required for our work. We need students and employees who are well prepared in the sciences and are capable of thinking independently, and if the school board succeeds in misleading their students, they are of no use to us.”

It’s almost like a giant leap backwards to the days of cave-dwelling and animal sacrifice IMHO. What will they think of next, re-building Solomon’s Temple and re-establishing the Levite priesthood? Turning water into wine? These people are delusional nutjobs. The scariest thing mentioned though, is that the school board, without review nor approval, decided to redefine the meaning of science. What does this mean for the children taught there? How will they cope with reality once they get to college, and find that everything they were taught in highschool “science” is worthless? Talk about the dumbing down of America. These religious zealots are masters of it.

4 thoughts on “Intelligent Design Board Members Ousted In Dover Elections/Kansas Department of Education OKs ID

  1. You might like to know that Creationists have made news slots on at least 2 of the 3 ‘Heavyweight’ newsprograms. ‘The Today Programme’ BBC Radio 4, and Channel 4 News. (I didn’t see Newsnight, so don’t know if it made it there.  These are the interviewers that politicians hate, coz they get a mauling. (Today was the programme that broke the David Kelly/Sexed up WMD dossier story).

    Unfortunately for right-thinkers on your side of the pond there was a touch of ‘Yanks, I ask you’ about them.  They reported about how true believers (i.e. those who like facts with their theories) were getting upset that the US is

    becoming a laughing stock

    over the insistance that Creation is taught as science. Today featured interviews with a Dr Meyer (Creation) and a Janet someone from Kansas School board, who was complaining that this was harming US education and international image.

    Ch 4 News had a tour round AiG’s creationist theme park, showing dinosaws living side by side with humans (apparently the T.Rex were all veggie until AFTER they got of the Ark).  It was described as teaching a version of history akin to the Flintstones.  Apparently %0+ plus os Americans believe the literal 6 Days, and only about 1/4 agree with Darwinism. 

    The odd thing is here in Britain, where church and state are established, and schools have prayer at assembly you’d be hard pushed to find to find Christian fundementalists.  Most people (not fundematalist anti-religeon types) seem to want there to be some sort of background religeon, even if they don’t believe- church is ‘tradition’.  Even I shed a proud tear watching my sons in there first school nativity plays.  Grab a newly wed couple, or proud parents from a christening, coming out the church, and many will, when told the 50% stat, make comments along the line of ‘Yanks- well there like that’.

  2. The odd thing is here in Britain, where church and state are established, and schools have prayer at assembly you’d be hard pushed to find to find Christian fundementalists.

    You can pretty much generalize that for all of Europe, hussar.  Here in Austria, for instance, around 90% consider themselves Catholic, there’s no separation of church and state, every public schoolroom has a crucifix, and religion classes (with a choice of Protestant, Catholic, or Islam at our school) are mandatory until the fourth year of gymnasium (8th grade American).  But there are practically no fundamentalists here of any stripe, and everyone (with the exception of Archbishop Schönborn) believes in evolution.  Most Austrians have a hard time understanding why it’s an issue at all.

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