If you can read this….

…consider yourself lucky. We’re having some server issues today and it’s affecting SEB along with all the other blogs I host for family members. From what I’ve been told it seems that the server they moved us to the other night was having problems so they moved us to yet another server and it’s either not 100% complete yet or there’s DNS issues that haven’t resolved yet. SEB shows content, but no layout or graphics while other sites either work just fine, won’t display graphics or sub-pages, or don’t display at all giving either a “no website has been configured at this address” or a unable to find URL error message.

So if SEB is working as it should for you then you’re ahead of the game, otherwise hang tight while we get this all figured out. Sorry for the trouble.

1 thought on “If you can read this….

  1. Actually, Les, I’m still getting the whole “there is no website configured for this address” thingy.

    I got the wits about me just today to use Google to retrieve a cache of the site and use it as a backdoor to post to you. So if you can read this, then we’re both in luck.

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