God gives man vision of multi-city destruction, but he was only kidding.

If you live in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, or San Francisco then your city should be in serious trouble today. At least according to this Christian nutcase who says God gave him a vision of some sort of calamity that was due to take place yesterday that would cause the U.S. to face economic collapse as a result. Of course, if you woke up today and noticed no major headlines about such an event you’ll have to conclude that God was only joking.

Farragut, Knox County (WVLT) – A Farragut man says he’s only the messenger, claiming his personal relationship with god has revealed to him, five cities in the United States that will face economic collapse Friday, November 11, 2005.

As WVLT Volunteer TV’s Stephen McLamb learns, eleven is a well known number in history and this man feels eleven, eleven is the beginning of the end.

“But I want people to know that I’m perfectly sane, that I’m at peace with what’s going to happen,” John Gilmore says he’s just a messenger and living by it.  He says people in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and San Francisco face some form of serious destruction on Friday.

“Something is going to happen to the effect that these cities are going to be devastated to the point that our economy is going to collapse,” Gilmore says.

Now why would this fellow think that anyone would question his sanity simply because he’s making predictions based on visions he’s gotten from a magical old man who lives in a place called Heaven? There’s nothing crazy about that in the least! Not when you’ve got the likes of Pat Robertson making similar predictions all the time on TV.

Gilmore feels Friday is God’s judgment for our desires for wealth, greed, and killing the unborn.

“Every time throughout the bible, he corrects that with judgment.  And he does that to drive us away from the evil one and back to him and that’s what I believe we are going to see tomorrow,” Gilmore explains.

Um, OK. Except. It didn’t happen. Not unless there’s been some sort of major cover up on the part of the news services out there.

“If it we’re me, I would not be in the cities that I mentioned and I’ve notified everybody I know in those cities that they need to leave.  They’ll have to make that ultimate decision themselves, but my decision would be to leave, says Gilmore.

Gilmore was questioned about false prophets and whether he could be one of them.

He responded, “no, because I am right.”

Except, you’re not. Nor are you crazy. God just hates you and wanted to make a laughing stock out of you because he has a sick and twisted sense of humor. Remember what he asked Abraham to do with his only son before jumping in at the last second and saying, “Whoa! Whoa! What are you? Nuts? I was only kidding about killing your kid!” Congratulations! You’ve just been a victim of God’s Celebrity Bleeps and Boners!

4 thoughts on “God gives man vision of multi-city destruction, but he was only kidding.

  1. According to the news article, he is fired from his job as a result of this:


    John Gilmore, 34, has managed the local office of the Georgia-based provider of cable television, Internet and phone services for the past five years and has been with the company for six years. He was relieved of his duties Thursday.

    Mike Roddy, vice president of marketing for Knology in Atlanta, confirmed Friday that Gilmore was fired for eschatological comments he made in a Tuesday column in the News Sentinel and on a subsequent local television appearance.

  2. I live across the Bay from San Francisco, in Berkeley.  I was in SF for most of the day, yesterday.  I can assure you that the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge has not fallen, there was no earthquake, Northern California is not submerged under the Pacific, there was no catastrphic hurricane, aliens did not land, and Voldemort did not strike.  Trust me, everything’s fine wink

  3. …aliens did not land, and Voldemort did not strike.  Trust me, everything’s fine

    …and the Governator’s propositions got squashed, you might add.  Good news for me- I’ll be visiting again in January.

    But Gilmore simply got his timing wrong: Berkeley has been inhabited by aliens for a long time, and Voldemort struck Berkeley in 1969 (I was there and saw it).

  4. I am disgraced to even live in the same county as that jackass.  Then again, Farragut is the rich, snooby, show off region of knox county, so I wouldn’t expect any less of them, stupid rich bitch fundies!

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