Deja Vu: Who the hell is Alito?

So I’ve spent a little time today trying to get caught up on what’s happening in the real world as well as my email and I got a question from a reader on what my thoughts are on Bush’s latest nomination to the Supreme Court. I’ve not written much about Samuel Alito for the same reason I didn’t write much about Harriet Miers, which is that I don’t know a lot about the man. Other than the fact that the Republicans who were so outraged over Miers seem to be pleased as punch about his nomination—a fact that in itself tends to make me wary of the man—I’ve not read enough about him yet to have much of an opinion.

And, honestly, I can’t get too worked up about it. From what little I have read it seems unlikely that the Democrats are going to be able to block his appointment even if they want to and any attempts to try may just get the Republicans to use the “nuclear option” on the filibuster rule despite the fact that it’ll someday come back to bite them in the ass. When faced with what appears to be an inevitable looming unpleasantness I tend to just resign myself to toughing it out until better days come around.  I’m sure once he’s in place and has contributed to a few big decisions I’ll end up having something to write an angry entry about, but until I can see what kind of an impact he’s really going to have on the court it’s hard for me to say much at the moment. Would I have preferred someone more moderate being nominated? Sure, but I wasn’t holding my breath over it. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and Bush will fall victim to the curse of so many previous Republican Presidents who ended up nominating what they thought was a conservative to the court who ended up being a lot more liberal than they thought at the time.

7 thoughts on “Deja Vu: Who the hell is Alito?

  1. Elwed, I’d heard pretty much the same thing. I’ve been rather leery of Alito since then.

  2. If Bush were smart (try to imagine such a thing), he’d nominate Janice Rogers Brown.

    The Democrats regularly play the racism/sexism card to justify their wacky collectivist policies.  Let them beat up this middle-aged black woman on national TV, if they have the guts.  Even if they did have the stomach for a fight, she is one smart cookie and would probably hand them their liberal asses on a silver platter.

    As a True Believer in limited government, she’s about as likely as Scalia or Thomas to go all soft and pinko in the next 40 years.

    In fact, I kind of suspect that Bush regards her as too conservative (Janice rules cheese).

  3. Sure Darryl, Janice Rogers would whip us liberals good… say, why not just nominate Judge Roy Moore? He’s insane enough for the wingers, hell, they love that christofacist ex-judge. I’m a lifelong liberal and I don’t get the whole “liberal guilt” crap that republicans think they can use against us. Explain it to me Darryl, how I would NOT insist that my representatives in government do whatever it took to block her?

    A review of California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown’s record to date raises serious questions and grave concerns about her persistent and disturbing hostility to affirmative action, civil rights, the rights of people with disabilities, workers’ rights, and criminal rights. In addition, Brown has often been the lone justice to dissent on the California Supreme Court, illustrating that her judicial philosophy is outside the mainstream. Not only does she show an inability to dispassionately review cases, her opinions are based on extremist ideology that ignores judicial precedent, including that set by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Yeah, if Bush were smart he’d nominate a sure loser and get his ass handed to him when she went down in flames. You really want to see him continue to stumble and fall his entire way through his last term? I know I would, but you?

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