Costco begins selling Arcade Legends.

So what do you get an old-school video gamer who’s got just about everything? How about his own personal arcade machine stocked to the gills with classic arcade games? That’s what Costco has on offer with their Arcade Legends unit. Available both in a cocktail table (top picture) or an upright cabinet, there’s sure to be more than a few favorites among the list of titles.

The Arcade Legends table game is made by one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in the coin op game business. It’s the real thing, except the coin door is permanently deactivated: play for free! It plays 50 of the most popular arcade games of all time, made famous by Atari, Capcom and Universal.

Features legendary arcade games, authentic in every detail, including Asteroids, Battlezone, Berzerk, Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, Mortal Kombat, Mr. Do!, Street Fighter ll, Tempest, Mega Man, Super Breakout, 1942, 1941 and more.

It ain’t cheap, though, as it’ll set you back a good $2,499.99, but at least shipping and handling is included in that price. If that’s a little rich for your blood then you could always check out what Target is offering with their Midway Home Use Arcade Machine (bottom picture). It only costs $500, but it only comes with the following 12 Midway titles: Joust, Defender I and II, Robotron, Rampage, Splat, Satan’s Hollow, Root Beer Tapper, Bubbles, Wizard of War, Timber and Sinistar. Plus it’s not really a full-size cabinet and for that kind of money you could just buy him a new Xbox 360 and look forward instead of behind.

After all, if he’s truly a gaming geek who has everything then he’s probably already built himself a Mame Arcade Cabinet that uses an old PC to run all his favorite arcade classics via emulation.

Still, if you’re curious, there’s a full game list for the Arcade Legends unit in the extended entry.

Asteroids ® (Atari 1979)
Asteroids Deluxe ® (Atari 1980)
Battlezone ® (Atari 1980)
Berzerk ® (Stern 1980)
Black Widow TM (Atari 1982)
Bombjack Twin [UltraCade Technologies 2003(NMK 1993)]
Centipede ® (Atari 1980)
Crystal Castles TM (Atari 1983)
Dark Stalkers TM (Capcom 1994)
Ghosts ‘N Goblins TM (Capcom 1985)
Gravitar TM (Atari 1982)
Gunsmoke TM (Capcom 1985)
Ladybug TM UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Universal 1981)
Liberator TM (Atari 1982)
Lunar Lander TM (Atari 1979)
Major Havoc TM (Atari 1983)
Mega Man TM (Capcom 1995)
Millipede TM (Atari 1982)
Missile Command ® (Atari 1980)
Mr. Do! TM [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Universal 1982)]
Mr. Do!’s Castle TM [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Universal 1983)]
Mr. Do!’s Wild Ride TM [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Universal 1984)]
Penguin Wars TM [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (UPL 1984)]
Pinball Action TM [UltraCade Technologies 2003 (Tehkan 1985)]
Pinbo TM (Jaleco 1984)
Red Baron TM (Atari 1980)
Space Duel TM (Atari 1982)
Street Fighter II TM (Capcom 1991)
Speedball TM [UltraCade Technologies 2003 (Tecfri 1987)]
Strider TM (Capcom 1989)
Super Breakout TM (Atari 1978)
Super Dodge Ball TM [UltraCade Technologies 2003 (Technos 1987)]
Tempest TM (Atari 1980)
Warlords TM (Atari 1980)
1942 TM (Capcom 1984)
1941 Counter Attack (Capcom 1990)
Bagman [UltraCade Technologies 2003 (Valadon Automation 1982)]
Commando (Capcom 1985)
Exed Exes (Capcom 1985)
Frenzy (Stern 1982)
Ghouls n Ghosts (Capcom 1988)
Legendary Wings (Capcom 1986)
Mercs (Capcom 1990)
Mortal Kombat (Midway 1992)
Saboten Bomber [UltraCade Technologies 2003 (NMK 1992)]
Section Z (Capcom 1985)
Side Arms Hyper Dyne – Capcom 1986
Vulgus (Capcom 1984)
Zero Wing [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Toaplan 1989)]
Do Run Run [UltraCade Technologies 2002 (Universal 1984)]

More than one of my old favorites in that list. Wouldn’t be a horrible thing to find under the Christmas tree. Or next to it. Whatever.

2 thoughts on “Costco begins selling Arcade Legends.

  1. The Arcade Legends 2 is a better game.  125 games for $2699 delivered.  Plus you can add even more to it if you want to. Only available from an authorized dealer who knows how to fix it, not a big box store.

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