“Babylon 5” to become a MMORPG?

This very brief article at GamesRadar.com quotes Babylon 5 creator J Michael Straczynski as saying that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is kicking around the possibility of developing a massively multiplayer online role playing game based on the highly popular science fiction series.

“Every year or so, Warner Bros makes noises about a Babylon 5 game… and it’s making them again this year,” Straczynski recently claimed in an online interview. He continued, “the Babylon 5 universe is almost tailor-made for a game, especially an immersive, online experience.”

I was a huge fan of B5 myself, but I don’t know how enthusiastic I’d be about a MMORPG based on it. Star Wars Galaxies was a big disappointment for a lot of people so much so that with the latest expansion they’re completely changing how the game plays moving it away from the traditional round-based action of most MMORPGs towards a more real-time form of play to try and make it feel more like Star Wars and less like EverQuest in Star Wars pajamas. I don’t know that a B5 following the traditional MMORPG formula would be any better, though there’s certainly no shortage of source material to build a game from. If it happens I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how it turns out.

Link via Blue’s News.

8 thoughts on ““Babylon 5” to become a MMORPG?

  1. “Zathras understand. No Zathras not understand, but Zathras do. Zathras good at doings, not understandings.”


  2. I’ve always wanted to form a company called Zathras Consulting.

    “No one listen to Zathras.”

  3. Ugh.  I guess I should be happy that since they laid off 30% of our staff recently, WBIE can hardly put my division through with Babylon 5 what they did with the Matrix Online.  What a nightmare.

    Hmm… and besides, I thought there was supposed to be some DC Universe MMORPG next up.  Who the hell knows?

  4. A B5 game would kick ass, in theory.

    in practice it will probably bore the crap out of me like most mmorpgs do.

    At best we could hope for an eve online clone, at worst we could get is….. well…. there are entirely too many bad ones to choose from, but you get the idea

  5. B5 would make an awsome MMORPG, I was infact pondering this a few weeks back, after the NGE was dropped on us SWG vets.

    I just hope anyone involved in SWG does not go anywhere near a B5 MMORPG or it’ll be dead from the start.

    Plus I loved to play a shadow muhahahha.

  6. I think B5 has the potential to be an awesome MMORPG, but I also thought the same about Star Wars Galaxies prior to its launch. I ended up not buying SWG after watching friends who were in the beta as it was a major disappointment.

  7. I think that if a PC game was made somewhat like the titles of Master of Orion … an empire builder but not entirely an online only game, it would be very interesting. It would also be much easier to sell IMO. Microprose used this idea when making (BOTF) Birth of the Federation. It was based on the MOO engine but it was of course Trek related. 🙁

  8. Funny how I read a lot of comments about how crappy a B5 MMO would be because other MMO’s were crap. Simple, just don’t let someone do it who programs crap.

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