Why Bush Was (Re)Elected

In the wee hours of the morning, last November 3, I sat in my room, just wondering how this country could see fit to elect George W.  The war, the lies, the economy—in my mind, all pointed to a man unable to actually lead this nation.  I ran across this video a few days ago, and it seems to answer that nagging question of how Dubbya got the presidency the second time around.

[Editor’s Note: The video is a fine example of American Stupidity at its finest. It’ll make you chuckle at first until the realization that these idiots vote sinks in.]

13 thoughts on “Why Bush Was (Re)Elected

  1. Did these people even approach within 10 feet of a school?  If the answer is yes, then I am ashamed to be an American teacher!

  2. Sure didn’t know there were so many kangaroos in Iran…
    Pretty frightening.  My only hope is that these bozos won’t be able to read the address of their polling place.

  3. When I was in grade school, my 2nd grade teacher tried to hold class elections as a way of teaching the concept of democracy.  Even at the tender age of 7 I realized the downfall of democratic elections—even the stupid people got to vote.

  4. Not sure if anyone noticed, but that was a relabelled map, showing Australia as variously, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and France. 
    So not only do they think having a laundry list of countries to invade is a good idea, their geographical knowledge is so piss poor that they can’t even recognise the countries they’re so belligerent about.  Yeah, invading here, what a concept.  I mean, doesn’t the fact that it’s an island, out basically in the middle of nowhere tell you anything?

  5. Yup – down here folks CNNNN is about the only unbiased satire available not beholden to friggin’ Murdoch or the other right wing choice of media ( thats 2 choices folks ) Then you have the ABC which the Gov is always criticising for being too left wing ( its the only vauguely unbiased news and entertainment source available here)… Nonetheless the fascist bastards always seem to find some excuse to cut its funding most years…Jeebers help us – the moron citizens of this nation have voted this government in 3 times..nowadays i’m ashamed to call myself Australian
    On questioning relatives of mine that voted “Liberal” in the last election (Down here liberal means the opposite to the rest of the world for some bizzarre reason) -I was told the old line of “better the devil you know” – and unfortunately I couldnt disagree – the only other party here is Labor which,after 9 years in opposition has lost its own identity and now seems to define itself by merely disagreeing with everything the Libs bring up.Opposition in its purist but most useless form.

  6. Oh well, these things are always ‘staged’ in the sense that they cull the more sensible responses.

    But yes, the ‘innocent’ belligerence can be pretty sickening.

    Or the fact that so many people, when asked a question like “Whom should we be invading?” do not ask “Why should we invade anyone?” instead.

  7. Some things to note:

    – The video was shot along Speedway, Venice Beach, CA

    – The only people who usually hang out on that strip are tourists (at least at the time of day the video appears to have been shot). Locals shun Speedway when the tourists are out in force.

    – Tourists are generally dumber than a box of rocks.

  8. I’m frequently asked why the majority of Americans are so ill-educated.  This is an easy question to answer:  “Because they’re too busy trying to have fun.”

    Americans’ eyes are like children’s; They’re constantly on the lookout for the next, better distraction.

    This is why America needs a good ol’ economic revamp/Depression.  Nothing like hunger to reset misaligned values and priorities.


  9. You’ve got a point there, Rob – exactly why I’ve been hoping gas prices do not come down anytime soon.  Americans are badly in need of a clue and it appears the only way we can get one is to buy it.

    Hope that’s enough to wake US up.  A stupidity-driven depression would be a tough pill to swallow even if it would result in a realignment of values.  If you haven’t noticed, the world is a significantly more dangerous place than the last time the US had a depression.

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