Updated Halloween SEB skin.

I’ve updated the SEB Halloween theme with a new pic of me created by Beau Tochs who is much more skilled with Photoshop then I could ever hope to be. I had attempted something similar myself and it looked damned silly so I’m very grateful for Beau Tochs taking the time to realize my vision for me and allowing me to make use of it on the site. Besides, it’s probably how more than a few folks see me even when it’s not Halloween. If you’re still seeing the zombie pic just do a page refresh and the new logo should show up.

Thanks again, BT.

12 thoughts on “Updated Halloween SEB skin.

  1. That zombie pic actually scared me for a split second when I saw it suddenly while being a bit “tired”…

    There’s something about hollow eyes that gets to people. Not that the devil is bad as such, great pic.

  2. ah – i missed the zompie pic…spewin’!
    You should keep this one up all the time i reckon!

  3. Zilch, I use PhotoImpact for my image editing, which is the poor man’s Photoshop for people who need a lot of help with their image creation. People like me. So the zombie pic that I made was just me dinking around with my limited skills in an $89 image editor.

    This one is truly Photoshopped. Note the pointed ears which I don’t normally have. BT also lowered my eyebrow and increased the angle of my smile so I look a lot more devious than I did in the original pic. Yes, I took the time to compare the two when I added in my logo.

  4. Les, if you have other pics of yourself that are similar to your “normal” pic (eg: 3/4 view, but with different facial expressions), I have some time this week – you could have different Halloween Les’s for each day of the week. 

    Ghoul Les, Vampire Les, Witch Les, FrankenLes, Zombie Les . . . the mind *reels* at the possibilities!

    And thanks for the kind words, y’all.  I wish I really *did* know enough about Photoshop to be *dangerous* with it – after 8 years (ab)using it, i’m still nothing more than a rank amateur.

  5. Your skills beat the shit out of what I’m capable of pulling off. I bow to your superior Photoshop-Fu.

    If you feel like dinking around with the image that much I can send you the original graphic I used for the logo. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Les sez: If you feel like dinking around with the image that much I can send you the original graphic I used for the logo.

    You know where to send it . . . you may fire when ready.

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