Some small good news arrives.

I got a notification from GMAC yesterday that I’ve finally paid off my trusty Grand Prix. So that’s $365 a month that I don’t have to come up with anymore. Needless to say, a big help considering my current circumstances. I officially own my car now. Hopefully it’ll last longer than the last one after I paid it off (about 6 months).

On the down side I still haven’t heard back from Best Buy about whether or not they’re going to hire me. I plan to give them a call about it shortly. Nor have I heard from the second of the two possibilities I mentioned over a week ago. Plus I may need to return the company van I’ve been using while freelancing for Compeople as the full-time tech is going to be relying on it more so we’ll be down to one vehicle again. Not that I’m complaining as it was very generous of Jonathan to let me use it in the first place. This does mean that I may need to look for a used vehicle for Anne soon, or at least as soon as I manage to land a job. Until then I’ll have to get up at the same time and drive her to work and be sure I’m available to pick her up afterwards.

But at least my car is paid off.

3 thoughts on “Some small good news arrives.

  1. Sorry to hear about your employment difficulties, Les. I have been unemployed for over a year and I have been passed over by every retail chain in my area. I find nothing more frustrating than walking into a store that I applied at only to find that the employees they have are, quite frankly, stupid. Just the other day I inquired about Barnes & Noble’s return policy at my local B&N and the answer I got was “bring in your item and the receipt.” Now I am certainly old enough to know HOW to return an item, would it have killed this person to say “return within 30 days with receipt for a full refund, after 30 days store credit, if you have no receipt you can get store credit”!? I finally did get that out of her after 3-4 more questions and she had to ask one of her co-workers about the return without a receipt policy. I wish you luck with you job hunt but I think you are probably way over qualified to work at Best Buy and the like and, unfortunately, you will be rejected simply because you can walk AND chew gum at the same time.

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