Some gamers have trouble with motion sickness.

Over at The Toque there’s an article about how some gamers cope with motion sickness they get from playing some games:

“I hurled something fierce after the first level of Doom III,” said Jenny, who has been playing PC games since she was twelve. “When the half-digested bits of food hit the screen I could hardly tell the difference between that and the gore from the game.”

To combat the nausea, Jenny purchased a plastic cover for her keyboard, she laid down a canvas tarpaulin on the floor, and she keeps a bucket beside her computer—just in case she feels she’s going to lose her lunch battling head crabs.

“I also have an anti-glare screen I can attach to my LCD monitor, which I call my splash guard,” admitted Jenny. “The games may be simulated, but the projectile vomiting isn’t.”

Overall I don’t tend to get motion sickness from most of the games I play, but there are some out there that can make me queasy after around 20 minutes of play. Most of the games that do affect me are console games and I think a lot of it has to do with the frame rate of the game in question, which is sometimes slower on a console versus the PC. For example most First Person Shooters on the PC don’t bother me in the least—a notable exception to this rule being Aliens vs Predator—but trying to play them on my Playstation (Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for example) will make me queasy in no time flat. GoldenEye on the old N64 could only be done in small doses and some third person games will also make me ill such as Syphon Filter and, despite how much I love it, Katamari Damacy plays hell with my stomach’s solitude.

So it affects me somewhat, but not so much that I’ve ever hurled over it like some gamers have. I’ve certainly not had to resort to taking medication for it, though I have had to lay down and take a nap once or twice to stop the sweats and calm the tummy. How about the rest of you? Any games that you can’t play without the risk of blowing chunks onto your keyboard?

Link found via Joystiq.

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  1. I don’t. I’ave heard of these problems since the original Doom (although not Wolfenstein 3d), and they almost exclusively relate to FPS.

    I wonder why that is?

  2. and they almost exclusively relate to FPS.

    I wonder why that is?

    The basic problem is, I think, that FPS, while not the only 3D games that exists, are the most intense (sheesh, I played some “Medal of Honor: United Assault” in a internetcafe some days ago, and was really washed away by all the noise, explosions…).

    From a biological point of view, its probably the disconnect between fast-moving viewpoint and your non-moving head that gets you sick.

    Anyone had any problems with Max Payne 2? I only tried it out for some time, but the psychedelic parts (drug-vision like) interspersed into the hospital beginning felt to me not only irritating, but downright quesy-making.

  3. I’ve never had any troubles and I’ve been gaming for a long time, and I’ve played FPS for hours with barely any breaks. 

    they almost exclusively relate to FPS.

    I wonder why that is?

    Possibly with the way the environment move around the player in FPS.  Surely some people got sick playing Descent.

  4. I have to be physically moving around to get motion sickness. I have never felt even the faintest hint of sickness from games, even FPS’.

  5. There was only one game that got me queezy. Decent using a 3D headset. About 10 minutes after moving around in that game, I started feeling bad and stopped playing it. After that, even playing with a regular monitor made me feel funny.

    Decent was a game that allowed the player to yaw, pitch and roll the ship completely freely. The ship was a mining ship used in asteroids where there basically wasn’t any gravity, show the ship used thrusters to move around.

    For me, it was a fun game, but it was hard to play after playing with that 3D headset.

  6. I’ve never had any problem with games, but was present when someone did.

    We were staying with friends up in the mountains in Austria in winter, and their kids were staying indoors instead of running around in the snow.  One sixteen year old boy had been playing some computer game for around four hours straight, yelling and being cheered on by his friends.  Suddenly he went quiet, keeled over backwards, and lay on the floor shaking.  My wife, the quickest to react, got over to him and made sure he hadn’t swallowed his tongue.  She talked his parents out of calling for an ambulance (which would have been a helicopter, given the conditions), and a couple of minutes later he was fine.  Had no history of epilepsy, and hasn’t had a fit since then.

  7. Anyone ever heard of that demonstration they did in Japan with Ultra-High Definition TV? It took some ridiculous amount of storage to store like a few minutes of footage. But when the footage was displayed on a large screen for those at the event it was so realistic looking that they all became sick. Their brains kept trying to interpret the movement they were seeing. It was the opposite of sea-sickness where you move but don’t see. This was seeing but not moving. Probably similar to the FPS problem but instead of the brain realizing it’s only a game, [because of the not-yet realistic video game graphics] this simulation was too realistic.

  8. never had any problem playing FPS or any other 3D games, but i guess some of these game like medal of honour, BF2 and other fast paced action packed games can get overwhelming to some….actually I know someone that felt a little sick while watching revenge of the sith since some of the scenes where busy with a million moving objects…..

  9. Luckily im fine with most games (only exceptions are ones with a subtle blur, think fable after the first signs of being drunk kick in).

    Got to give some respect to those people who are dedicated enough to playing games that they will actually play until they vomit.

  10. my half brother has siezures after playing some games.
    he complains about low res ones and choppy graphics.
    but it doesnt seem to stop him.. then again he complains
    about women as well.. that doesnt stop him either tongue wink

  11. I’m the big puss when it come to motion sickness and video games.  Not only do I get sick when I play them, but I can get sick just watching someone else play them. My doctor says it’s because I tend to over focus on stuff.  But hey watching my god children play rugrats on the play station makes me barf so I’m screwed.

  12. Apparently it’s more dangerous than just getting sick from playing video games. I haven’t read the story yet but I just saw the news title: “Quake Kills More Than 19,000 in South Asia” and that’s a very primitive game compared to Quake III.

    OK, that was tasteless and I deserve scorn.

    There’s so much death happening these days I’m beginning to think I should just try to laugh it all off.

    Either that or never stop crying.

  13. There’s so much death happening these days I’m beginning to think I should just try to laugh it all off.

    Yea, what’s up with that really. Is this the coming of “End of days” that we hear so much about from the religious side of things?

    It’s getting kind of scary…

  14. Brock is right. Videogames ARE life-threathening. In fact more than that. But most of us here on SEB are DOOMed anyway.

  15. Anbody ever tried watching the Blair Witch Project, besides the film being as week and nausiating in it’s plot and acting, I could not watch the film. In a packed cinema I had to hang my head as far down as possible to prevent myself from spewing everywhere.
    I find that I can play most FPS games, but games like Black Hawk Down, Battlefield, Unreal Tournament and Half Life 2 leave me feeling so ill that I need to sleep before I feel a little more normal. This seems to happen when I watch people playing aswell, but I can play Counter Strike source all day before succombing??? (Eventually I always do I guess)

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