Some cool new features coming in ExpressionEngine 1.4.

Saw this blurb on the pMachine forums from Rick talking about some of the cool new goodies we can expect in the 1.4 release of ExpressionEngine:

Here are a few items we’ve already finished.  There’s more on the way, but I think we’ll keep some things secret.

* Added the ability to have Extensions.  One can now write extensions to the core EE code base to increase functionality without hacking
* Added relational capability to the PUBLISH page of the control panel. You can now pre-populate drop-down menus with content from fields in other weblogs.
* Added “Entry Versioning” feature, which will save previous revisions of your weblog entries.
* Added multi-entry editor, permitting multiple entries to be edited at one time.
* Added IP Search utility in the CP.  This utility will find all instances of an IP used in entries, comments, forum posts, and gallery posts.
* Added “search term log”.  This feature keeps a record of the search terms that your visitors submit in the search forms.
* Added an entry “hit tracker” that lets you show the number of “views” a particular post has received.
* Added ability for search results to display custom fields
* Added “dynamic parameters” feature, enabling the parameters in your weblog and comment tags to be set dynamically from POST data submitted via a form.
* Added mailing list templates. These permit each mailing list to contain default customization.
* Added enhanced “throttling” feature. There is now a throttling configuration page in the Admin area which permits you to set various parameters.
* Added category editing directly from the PUBLISH page.

I’m very excited about the new Extensions functionality as it plugs what I considered to be a hole in comparison to MovableType. With the 3.0 release of MT the folks at Six Apart unleashed a very impressive plugin system that allowed for some major flexibility for developers of add-ons. ExpressionEngine currently has both a plugins and a module system that together come to what I would estimate as around 80% as powerful in terms of how you can modify the way EE does things, but there was still a lot you could do with MT that wasn’t really possible with EE without hacking the code directly. The new Extensions option looks to make up the difference and then some and I can’t wait to see what people do with it.

Several of these other new features go a long way to setting ExpressionEngine apart from the rest of the offerings out there while further blurring the line between a CMS package and a blogging package. Can’t wait to see what other goodies are yet to be revealed. They’re hoping to have this version released by the end of the year at the latest so it shouldn’t be too much longer before we can get our hands on it.

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