SEB Fall Fundraising Event

I’m going to pretend I’m PBS/NPR for a moment and once again ask you kind folks if you would mind tossing me a few donations over the next couple of days. If you’ve got a couple of spare bucks and you’d like to help a struggling blogger out I and my family would be very appreciative. I was hoping to not have to make this request again as I’ve managed to only ask once before, but with the unemployment checks having run out almost a month ago and my continuing lack of employment despite a couple of possibilities recently, well, you get the idea. As I mentioned the other day, we just received a very generous donation that will actually provide half our rent payment for the month of November if I don’t manage to land a job by then. Anne is making around $500 every two weeks which will make up the difference for the rent, but leaves little to pay bills or buy groceries with. It’s my hope that my former contract house will be calling me within the next couple of days to tell me they’re ready to put me back to work, but it could be another full week before they make a final decision one way or the other and I need to survive until then. Best Buy decided I was over qualified to work as a sales guy in their stores, but I’m putting in an application with the local Meijer’s store as they’re gearing up for the holidays as well and have happily employed me in the past.

Anyway, please don’t feel obligated to donate any money if you don’t want to or don’t have the spare cash yourself as I know some of you are in the same boat I am, but several folks have dropped me emails letting me know I should just ask if the need arises and so I’m asking. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart ahead of time not just for any donations you might be able to make, but also for helping to make Stupid Evil Bastard into one of the best blogs on the Net. Also a big thank you to those of you who have made recent donations, especially the couple of you who have donated almost every month that I’ve been unemployed.

Update: I’ve made this entry sticky so it’ll hang around for a couple of days. New stuff starts immediately after this entry.

8 thoughts on “SEB Fall Fundraising Event

  1. Thank You ALL for every donation made to us in the past.  As Mrs. SEB I am truly touched and honored to know that my husband’s loyal SEB fans/participators are so caring and generous.  Thank You so much from the Mrs. part of the SEB family.

  2. Glad that I can help. As a tree-hugging, liberal, born again atheist trapped by circumstance in the holy land (Tulsa), I appreciate your clear thinking. Keep it up; you might consider putting some of your thoughts in a book.

  3. Yeah, my mom’s been in a similar situation for about a year now. She just recently picked up jobs at Sears and Nino Salvaggio’s, which she only got by pretending she had absolutely no work experience. She got a lot of the same things, places kept saying that she was too overqualified, etc.

  4. Just pitched in a little bit, wish I could give more.
    I certainly get my money’s worth from this site.

    Hope everything works out for you guys soon!

  5. Cheers from Indie Castle. It’s been a while since I’ve visited. But, upon reading your post here there was no question but how much could I afford. Like Spocko, I can’t afford a lot. But, I’m happy to help. It’s good karma to do so and besides I enjoy reading your consistently interesting and frequently provocative blog.

  6. Les I hope things improve for you soon, you certainly have done us all a service by sharing your thoughts/views with us. I may not post often, but I read SEB most days. it’s a lot more interesting than a great many places on the net, thank you.

  7. A very big thank you to everyone who has helped out and offered encouragement. It really is appreciated.

    As an update on my pending re-employment by my former contract house I should mention that I called them today to get an update. Word has it the Big Boss In Charge Of Making Such Decisions will be looking over the proposed position this weekend and making a final approval decision next week. So I should find out sometime during next week whether or not it’s really going to happen. My rep at the company seems to think it’s more likely than not, but there’s always that chance it doesn’t work out.

    I’m still hoping it will, though.

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