“Scariest Places on Earth” is comedy gold.

The ABC Family Channel has been running a Scariest Places on Earth marathon today and I’ve been watching it because it makes me laugh my ass off. Take a bunch of credulous idiots to a creepy location and fill their heads with ghost stories then leave them to explore the place in the dark by themselves. Within five minutes you’ve got people freaking themselves out at every little noise or shadow that they encounter. Best of all is when the place in question is nice and big all you need to do is have a crew member toss some crap around to make banging noises in the distance to set them off. The people are never fully alone, of course, as there’s always a camera crew with them and none of the people ever stop to ask if there’s other crew members running around in the dark making the noises.

The show’s format must have changed over time, though, because some of them seem to take whole families to a location and strap cameras on their chests so you can see their reactions and then give them various ghost-hunting equipment for them to try and verify what they’re experiencing. In addition to the laser thermometer and EMF detectors the show pulls out every would-be psychic’s favorite tool: Divining Rods. With the number of hidden cameras spread around the location you’re left to wonder how it is only the family members are freaking out and running away. Surely if the activity were real the folks manning the hidden cameras on these episodes wouldn’t be sticking around themselves.

The show seems obviously staged as there’s just tons of paranormal activity that takes place in the form of weird noises and shadows and any pretense at it being something more than just an excuse to watch people freak themselves out is thin at best. Most of these folks are on nerve’s end before they ever head out into the dark so it wouldn’t take much effort to push them over the edge. It’s funny shit to watch as well as a great lesson in human credulity and the ability for the fears of one person to spread to others.

9 thoughts on ““Scariest Places on Earth” is comedy gold.

  1. I always tend to play into those sort of things. If it IS laughable to me, then great.. otherwise I let myself get into it and get all scared and stuff. It’s just part of how I celebrate if the oppertunity drops by.

    Although I don’t know what getting scared shitless has to do with the harvest. Massacre in the cornfield?

  2. My husband and I watched that show too!I almost brought water thru my nose laughing at one. We prefer Ghost Hunters on SciFi. For real laughs, though, you have to watch Most Haunted on Travel Channel. We watch that one waiting for a “ghost” to smack the host in the head, she’s so annoying.

  3. There are so many bullshit programs that are aired in the tv all of them are SCRIPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I generally find these programs amusing not for the participants’ beliefs in the paranormal, but rather for how poorly acted they tend to be and how staged the “dramatic reinactments” are. The ones on the History Channel tend to be the guiltiest in this regard.

  5. thank GOD sumbody realizes how straight up STUPID those shows are!
    how is it that the dude who’s a medium or something on ‘most haunted’ just so happens to become posessed by some ghost every single episode!? and the woman who’s the host feeds into it like ‘omg derek what’s wrong? who’s in your body?’ and while he’s struggling he starts faking a raspy voice that’s suppose to be a ghost or wutever and the woman will be like ‘who are you!? cast yourself out!!’ bla bla

  6. This show used to scare me when I was little. I remember when the first show aired, I was unable to sleep for about a week straight. The door opening by itself, the weird noises, the creepy porcelain dolls. Now I watch it years later and it’s hilarious. I love the strategically placed cameras. I know the places are all real, but honestly. I watched the episode where the family is at the island in Povelgia or whatever it’s called, and at the end when they are all split up in different places (again), the number on the young girls camera changes from 2 to 4. Really??? Nonetheless, it’s funny to watch.

  7. I also watch these shows. I agree with agog the funniest one by far is Most Haunted! That dippy hostess needs a real scare maybe she’ll shut up and go away. Most of them are just too funny! These people get themselves all worked up and guess what, they see what they expect to see. I do appreciate Ghost Hunters At least they try to “debunk” stuff. They don’t call a place haunted if they don’t get evidence.What the heck they’re worth a laugh if nothing else.

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