Please, No Moore

I had to share this – reposted from my blog:

The people of Alabama aren’t stupid, but I’m willing to bet that there are likely enough Alabama idiots to give Roy Moore a solid chance at being our next governor. That’s right folks – no longer content with spreading his message of how the majority of Americans are powerless before the withering onslaught of, uh, their own immorality – and raking in huge speaking fees at conservative churches in the process – Roy Moore has thrown his hat into the ring as a candidate for Governor of Alabama.

Here are a few reasons why many Alabamians are likely to vote for him, and my responses as to why these reasons are stupid:

  1. Roy Moore is a good speaker. He excites people – especially Christians – who feel powerless in a world they see as overrun with immorality and decadence. Why this is stupid: Put simply – Christians who feel powerless in America – and especially in Alabama – must be idiots. Christians own America. Over 90% of Americans believe in God, and more then 80% of those are Christian. In Alabama – nearly 85% of the general population is Christian – including all the past state Govenors, virtually every legislator and supreme court justice, as well as the vast majority of other elected officials at all levels of State and Local government. If there’s a reason for someone’s feeling of powerlessness in Alabama – it certainly cannot be attributed to a Christian faith. Maybe you just need a bit more exercise.
  2. Roy Moore stood up for what he believe in when he fought to keep the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building Why this is stupid: Roy Moore apparently wants us to forget the other time he stood up for what he believed in: The time he swore an oath to God – with his hand on a Bible no less – to uphold and defend the Constitutions of Alabama and of the United States of America. At the very best, in Roy Moore’s mind – the important part of the oath he took was the part about “invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God”, and not the part where he swore to “faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of the office [of Supreme Court Chief Justice]”. At the very worst – Roy Moore approached his oath of office as a minor step in his path to the Chief Justice’s seat, and he took it rather lightly – that is until it became possible to argue that the court order he disobeyed would require him to violate it.
  3. Roy Moore reminds people of George Wallace. Why this is stupid: He reminds me of Wallace too:

    In 1953, George Wallace was elected judge in the Third Judicial Circuit Court. Here he became known as “the little fightin’ judge”.

    After losing the 1958 Alabama Guneratorial Election, Wallace vowed “I’ll never be outniggered again.”

    In 1962, Wallace was elected governor on a pro-segregation, pro-states’ rights platform in a landslide victory. In his acceptance speech he cried, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever!”

    June 11, 1963 – Blocking the University of Alabama schoolhouse door in the face of federally mandated desegregation.

Please, Alabama – prove me wrong. Prove the nation wrong. You’re not stupid enough to put Roy Moore into office, are you?

2 thoughts on “Please, No Moore

  1. I hope to goodness they don’t elect him.  The fact that he’s even running makes me want to pack my bags and move back to Alabama to cast a vote against him.  Not only that, I don’t think I can handle the teasing I’ll get from all the people that know I’m from Alabama if he wins.

  2. Now you know how i felt when Killroy silk ran for prime minister.

    Hopefully you’ll also know how i felt when someone egged him during a live interview.

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