Our TV has finally died.

It’s older than my daughter and, tonight, it finally gave up the ghost. The 25” hunk of furniture we call a television set is no more. Oddly enough, it appears the cause of death is the tuner part of the set as the tube still lights up and shows static, but you can’t tune anything in and you can’t shut it off. I’ve pulled the little 15” Sony TV/RGB monitor that I used for years with my Amigas out of storage and set it up on top of the old set for the moment. The upside is that this screen is much nicer than the old set in terms of resolution and picture quality, but the downside is, well, it’s dinky. Dammit! I sure as hell won’t be trying to play my PS2 on it unless I get really desperate.

As I’ve said before, I’ve wanted a new TV set for awhile now, but I was definitely hoping that this one would last long enough for me to get back to work full time. Oh well. I suppose this gives me something to start dreaming about now. Should I go with LCD or Plasma? Or just go with a traditional CRT? How big is big enough? I definitely want to get a wide screen set of some sort. Time to start doing some research. Maybe I’ll put it on my Wish List and hope someone who reads the blog is rich and generous. Never hurts to try.

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  1. I’m a fan of projectors, but since I’ve never even heard of a projector that didn’t burn it’s bulbs fast over regular use, I’d go with the CRT. If the old one was a hunk of furniture you know you won’t be changing a whole lot. Plus it saves you megabucks.

    Remember, about the dinky 15 inches, you’re talking to people who play on PCs smile

  2. We’re still living in this same crappy two bedroom apartment. I had hoped to buy a house this past summer, but becoming unemployed in February killed any hope of that happening outside of winning the lottery. Seeing as we’re going to be here a while longer (probably at least another year) I’d like to go a little bigger than what I had before, but not so big as to eat up a lot more room than the old set. I’m thinking around the 30” or so size would be nice.

    Amazon.com has a Sony 30” FD Trinitron WEGA Hi-Scan 1080i set on sale for $713 or so at the moment that looks like it would be perfect, but that’s way more than I can afford anytime soon. In fact, looking around at the various options out there, the best I could hope for anytime soon will be a non-widescreen classic CRT type in the 25” range it seems. Very annoying.

    Oh well.

  3. Mine died a few months ago, and after looking at everything, settled on a Phillips 27” NON-HD unit for $173 to replace an older 27” Sony.

    Not being a huge afficianado of television, this was more than sufficient and dirt cheap compared to the HD units.

  4. That’s what I’ll probably end up doing myself, but I’d like to at least get something with a 16:9 aspect ratio if I can. At the very least it needs to have enough inputs that I can hook my PS2 and DVD player up to it without having to use the morass of extra connector boxes I’ve been using.

  5. But you have to admit the old set lived a long a useful life.  Here is hoping you will soon have a job and get everything under control.

  6. Shopping for a new TV can be such a pain. Of course, had my former roommates, who could best be dangerous stupid, not destroyed every single thing I owned, I would not have to be shopping for a new TV for myself right now! I should have known something was wrong when the first thing I was asked by one of them when I moved in was “Can I break your dishes” because he “didn’t like the patern on them” and him and his buddies (my other two roommates) fucked up my computer so bad the first weekend we were living together just by “trying to log into it” (without permission) that I had to reinstall everything. Well, I hope things work out for you Les so that you can get the TV you want.

  7. Every TV I have is a Sony Trinitron or better.  About a year-and-a-half ago I bought a 42” Sony Grand Wega.  It is a lcd rear projection.  I use it for x-box games, dvd and hd programs.  I love it.  The colors and brightness are beautiful.  I have some friends with a 52” dlp rear projection and that looks just as nice.  The size really depends on the room.  I wouldn’t go with bigger than 42” in the room I have it in, but that is up to you to judge.

    Don’t touch the plasmaa.  They burn in.  I have seen the results of that.  The 30” crt 1080i wega sounds like a good choice, especially if you are accustomed to a 25” tv.  Good luck.

  8. i just aquired a large screen tv so i’m planning on figuring out what to do with my 32” panasonic one form the 90’s.  if you are still in the market for something free, and have a way to get it from the Bay Area in CA …. let me know …

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