No more Vampires for Anne Rice; she’s writing for God now.

Anne Rice, best know for novels such as Interview With A Vampire, hasn’t published a new book since 2003 and she’s finally ready to unleash her next creation on the world. Alas it may come as a bit of a surprise for fans…

“For the last six months,” she says, “people have been sending e-mails saying, ‘What are you doing next?’ And I’ve told them, ‘You may not want what I’m doing next’.”

Seems Anne has found some of that Old Fashioned Religion™ and will only be writing for the Lord from now on with the release of Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. It’s a novel about and narrated by a 7-year-old Jesus Christ.

She can cite scholarly authority for giving her Christ a birth date of 11 B.C., and for making James, his disciple, the son of Joseph by a previous marriage. But she’s also taken liberties where they don’t explicitly conflict with Scripture. No one reports that the young Jesus studied with the historian Philo of Alexandria, as the novel has it—or that Jesus’ family was in Alexandria at all. And she’s used legends of the boy Messiah’s miracles from the noncanonical Apocrypha: bringing clay birds to life, striking a bully dead and resurrecting him.

Rice’s most daring move, though, is to try to get inside the head of a 7-year-old kid who’s intermittently aware that he’s also God Almighty. “There were times when I thought I couldn’t do it,” she admits.

In the interest of fairness I have to admit that I’ve never cared for Anne Rice’s previous novels so I probably won’t be lining up for her Christian fiction, but other than that I don’t have a problem with this decision of hers. It’s not like she doesn’t already have more than enough money from 25 previous novels that she can’t afford to do whatever the hell she wants and I already consider Jesus Christ to be a fictional character anyways.

I’ll probably find it interesting to see how the public reacts to her novels, though, as it goes without saying that whenever Jesus ends up in fiction there’s usually someone somewhere that’s going to get pissed off with how he’s portrayed. Then at the other end of the scale will be the folks who will latch onto Rice’s novels as somehow being divinely inspired and thusly accurate portrayals rather than the works of fiction that the author intends them to be. This has the potential to be very amusing to watch unfold.

19 thoughts on “No more Vampires for Anne Rice; she’s writing for God now.

  1. I really enjoyed the first 5 books of the vampire chronicles. I sort of fell off the wagon after that.
        Speaking of published people. I tracked down a guy I met in high school today. He’s been published in Heavy Metal magazine and other sources.
        I remember taking Mike Peters onto rooftops in downtown Cadillac, Michigan as a teeneager. It took some doing to get his scared ass onto the roofs but once he was there he turned into the personification of Batman himself.
        Check out his website and maybe buy some of his art. Support the cause people. Struggling Michigan artists need Ramen noodles and bubble gum too.

  2. I noticed that once she got rid of her editor, her stories just lost me.  I think this new project is just pure hoakum, but what they hey, it will cause some interesting controversy.

  3. I recall trying to read one book of hers more than ten years ago. Under the circumstances, I couldn’t care less about her getting religion or pulling a PR stunt.

    If an author I previously liked start to crank out Christian fiction, my response could be summed up as “It was nice knowing you.” I certainly wouldn’t buy anything he or she would publish from that point on and it’s quite possible that I would flog whatever books of that author I own at Half Price Books.

  4. If I ever manage to get my shit together long enough to write a full book the last thing I’d do is take my editor for granted. I’d pity the poor fellow. wink

  5. This from the woman who brought us The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, which are, hands down, the dirtiest books I have ever read in my entire life.

    I’ve liked some of her books, but even the ones I read and didn’t care for, I had to appreciate the mind that created some of the stories.  I might have to get this one out of basic curiosity.

  6. Is there any indication of her motives in doing this? Is she trying to be the next Tim LaHaye, or is this her Last Temptation of Christ? Given the source, I’d bet it’s the latter, i.e. a “revisionist” (bwa!) take on the standard story of Christ.

  7. Her Vampire books seem to get further and further out there.  I’ve gotten to the fourth so far. 

    I’m quite sure that somebody will be offended by it, even if they’ve never read it. 

    I wonder if the Christian book stores will stock it.

    At least our town library is good about picking up the latest stuff, so I can read it for free.

  8. Having been a fan of her earlier vampire and witch works (Lasher, The Tale of the Body Thief and Cry to Heaven are three of my favorites), I saw her going in this direction already with books like Memnoch the Devil. In fact, she originally tried to fashion Lestat, Louis and others into saints of sorts. Always there was guilt in her writing and the need to morph demons into avenging angels. The Catholic angst and pride in suffering in her writing was usually apparent to me.

    Now that she’s returned to her Catholic faith I can imagine her hedging her bets and telling the multi-installment story of “Jesus the Vampire”. It’s followers may be confused regarding who’s supposed to drink the blood (Jesus or his victims) but Catholicism has more monsters, undead and pedophiles than any religion I can think of. It’s a natural subject to test Rice’s macabre skills.

  9. So she went from publishing fictional accounts of characters based on folklore to . . . publishing fictional accounts of characters based on folklore.

    Doesn’t seem newsworthy to me.

  10. Maybe it is not true but it seems that when husband Stan Rice died her ability to write started to suffer.  I never finished her last novel and will not be reading anything by her from now on.

  11. Hmm, have to admit I found the story amusing but it doesn’t impact me at all. I’ve tried to read Mrs. Rice’s books before and was turned off not by the plot or characters but by her inability to construct an interesting sentence. She just isn’t a very talented wordsmith.

    If Stephen King (who is a Christian) suddenly decided to write nothing but books about Christ I might be more upset, but I think I’d try them anyway, just based on my faith in his storytelling abilities.

    Even as an atheist, I don’t turn away from religous stories, I think they can make interesting subject matter, I just don’t take them literally. I don’t really believe in Spiderman, either, but he made for some pretty good flicks.

    Religously based films I have enjoyed (off the top of my head):

    Last Temptation of Christ
    Leap of Faith
    It’s A Wonderful Life
    Jesus Christ Superstar

    If I enjoyed Anne’s books, I’d probably read the baby jesus one. I don’t, so I won’t.

  12. So she’s not writing any more vampire things!! Why what does god have to offer!!
    Betrayl, I say!!!
    Betrayl. Vampires are better!!!
    Just for that I’m not read that book, it sounds boring anyway. cool mad

    Sadie vampire

  13. I’m with you Sadie: Betrayl!!! Betrayl!!! Betrayl!!! mad I love the Anne’s Vampires. I’ve to say bye bye to my loving Lestat cause she’s going to write bout Jesus… I’m so angry!!! shut eye

  14. I don’t mind her writing about Jesus, that is her choice.  She’s American and there is the free press.  I however will not be purchasing another one.  I read the second Jesus book and it was completely and utterly boring.  I would rather read the story from the King James Version bible than what she wrote about Jesus. 

    Bring back the imagination…bring back the fantasy. I read fictional novels for entertainment and I just might learn something. I read non-fiction novels to learn something and it I just may enjoy.

  15. How dare she i hate when authors give up on characters it is so stupid what is her problem ego? I dont need to write another story she says its not about what she or the fans want its about the character if she had ended it on memnoch i would understand its just retarded she ended with the blood canticle which answered no questions made no revelations and was overall a lame book. And she believes that is all lestat has to say or deserves?! what an egotistical person the character has grown a life of his own and it should be honored kill him or make him ascend to a new level of awesome dont just say I dont want to do an artificial ending how artificial is it to have no ending at all ok sopranos god some people are so pathetic and she didnt mention louise at all in the book her recent behavior has made me sick and im sorry but the mayfair chronicles suck ghost raper nuff said and her books about religion dont get me started

  16. Christ didnt know he was the lord at seven you stupid #### just stick with what you have been succesfull with instead of being a flake like everyone in life i though I could depend on am intelligent ending to the vampire chronicles but you have made so much money you just stopped caring your character is crying out for a cohesive finish to his story but you deny him that because of your ego god wants you to use the talents he gave you and if he didnt want u writing an ending to the chronicles he wouldnt have made them possible in the first place gosh some people are so ignorant you dont have to do something directly related to god to honor him the talent and ideas he gave you are honoring him

  17. I actually really like all of her books that I’ve read and that’s a decent number of them. That might be mainly because I have an interest in that kind of writing. Maybe I’d like any book on vampires. Either way it doesn’t really bother me that she’s writing about Jesus now. I will probably give the book a try. It does bother me that she has given up on writing about anything that isn’t for Jesus. She’s doing a total 180. I don’t see why she thinks a christian can’t write about vampires. And who says Jesus wants her to write for him anyway?

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