New “Doctor Who” series spawns a spin-off called “Torchwood.”

Looks like the new Doctor Who series helmed by Russell T Davies is such a big hit that the BBC has commissioned him to develop a new spin-off Sci-Fi series called Torchwood, which is an anagram of the original show’s title. Torchwood will be a separate show starring John Barrowman—better known as Captain Jack from the later episodes in the new DW series—and the show will be aimed at an adult audience. An article on The Independent Online has the details:

Like the latest version of Doctor Who, which the BBC successfully relaunched this year, Torchwood will be based in Cardiff. Davies, who has just begun writing Torchwood, said the new programme would be aimed at adult audiences and would “have its own, unique identity”. He said: “Torchwood will be a dark, clever, wild, sexy, British crime/sci-fi paranoid thriller cop show with a sense of humour – the X Files meets This Life,” the latter a reference to the groundbreaking Nineties BBC drama about a group of young lawyers in Bristol.

Torchwood will be shown next summer on BBC3 in 13 episodes, each lasting 45 minutes. Alert viewers of the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special will hear a reference to the Torchwood unit and further mentions will be made in the new series in the spring.

Torchwood will allow Davies to explore relationships a little further. Mr Murphy said of the new series: “The people have affairs with one another. There will be sex and swearing, I assume. I’m quite relaxed about that, it will be post-watershed and Russell can do it in a funny and sexy way.”

Describing the idea behind the new show, the BBC controller said: “It’s a renegade bunch of investigators who investigate real-life, normal crimes. They also look into alien happenings. They have been charged by the British government to find alien technology that has fallen to Earth and they need to do it without the FBI and UN knowing.”

An earlier announcement had Barrowman returning as Captain Jack in the second season of the new DW series as well so it’ll be interesting to see if that still happens or if they’ll leave him out in preparation for Torchwood. According to this BBC News article the Captain Jack character will be the making the jump from DW to head up the team of investigators in Torchwood, but beyond that and a couple of mentions in the next season of Doctor Who there won’t be any cross-over stories.  The 13 episode series is slated to air following the end of the second season of Doctor Who and the BBC is wasting no time getting the word out. The Doctor Who website has an announcement page up including a radio interview with Russell T Davies.

Thanks to my buddy Hairboy for filling me.

3 thoughts on “New “Doctor Who” series spawns a spin-off called “Torchwood.”

  1. There was a short chat with John Barrowman on Oz’s ABC radio the other day. He said he won’t be in the 2nd season, but he will be in the 3rd season of DW.

  2. When I heard about an Earth-based spinoff I was hoping it’d be a UNIT series, but this sounds interesting enough, and of course it’ll have Captain Jack in it so I’ll have to watch. How he manages to get back to our time from the year 200,100 will doubtless be fun to see. Still, I hope he’s back in the TARDIS where he belongs for season 3.

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