Name my Dad’s blog!

The blogging infection continues to spread in my family with my Dad becoming the latest member to fall victim and start up his own blog. Problem is he can’t think up a clever and witty name for his blog so for the moment it’s going by the title Jay’s Unknown Blog which just won’t do. So I’m calling on all you SEB Regulars to sit down and put on your thinking caps and help my Dad come up with a witty or clever title for his new home on the web. There’s not much on his blog yet, just a test post, but we do have some categories defined which you can see if you go there if you want to get some ideas on what he plans to talk about.

So help a guy out and suggest some good blog names, will ya?

37 thoughts on “Name my Dad’s blog!

  1. How about “You can call me Jay” ?

    (From the old Bill Saluga rant; “Ahh, ya doesn’t has to call me Johnson! You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me RayJay, or you can call me RJ… but ya doesn’t hafta call me Johnson”)

  2. Well, I’ll tell you what came to mind right away – first, I was going to say, “Tell me about your father”.  The blog could be called that, or “Tell Me About (insert appropriate word here)”.  Or how about “Freudian Slip”?  heheh

  3. “Jay Walking the ‘Net”?  “Jay Walks the ‘Net”

    “Jay at Play”?  “Jay@play”?

  4. Sorry, Tish . . . I saw your post when I hit “submit”, and once the wheels were set in motion, there was no way to stop it!

    Should’ve read each post carefully, instead of stuffing fistfuls of dry Cap’n Crunch into my mouth . . .

    Apparently grape mimes think alike!  smile

  5. I was trying to find a word that meant “Father of a Bastard”. No luck there, but I did find an obscure word: “Uzzard” that means “Third Generation Bastard”. That might be useful…

  6. How about “Father of the Bastard”?
    It gives some props to the son, the source of the infection… heh.
    – Matt

  7. You have got to be kidding… I hit submit and come back and find my suggestion already up… bugger me!
    – Matt

  8. I think it should be “The Bastard’s Daddy.”

    Or maybe, “Bastard, the Prequel.”

    Or how about “Truckload of Babies, and Not a Pitchfork in Sight.”

    Or “MacTavish, I Never Touched Your Filthy Sheep, and Certainly Not Last Night – I Was With My Wife the Whole Time!

    Of course, not having seen his blog, I may be missing the tone somewhat.

  9. Nothing with my name please. Gardening, cooking food I shouldn’t eat, geodesic domes, trucks, little known facts and word games are my interests.

      Thanks, Jay (Dad)

  10. I’ll exhaust all of my obscure “J” words here.

    Jookerie- Trickery or the act of swindling.

    JookerieJay’s   (Might not be a good choice)

    Jumentous- Smelling like horse urine.

    JumentousJay’s (Maybe not this one)

    Jeeter- A rude, uncouth slob

    JeeterJay’s   (Maybe not this one either)

    Jactancy- The act of boasting or bragging.

    JactancyJay’s Mind Boggling Blog   (Has possibilities)

    PEACE!!!!!!  I’m outie

  11. OK OK OK…..I’ve got it!

    The GeodesicGLOBE

    Your background picture could be a geodesic dome version of the Earth.
        I can contact my long lost high school chum Mike Peters to design the graphics for you.

  12. How about:

    “Senior Evil Bastard”


    “No Thanks, Eating That Might Kill Me”


    “Nothing beats a good truck… now go truck yourself”


    “More Than My Thumb is Green”


  13. Gardening, cooking food I shouldn’t eat, geodesic domes, trucks, little known facts and word games are my interests.

    Will you be my dad too? grin

    How about…

    Dig My Blog!

    – Coveralls, public stalls, Bucky Balls, overhauls and know-it-alls

    “No Thanks, Eating That Might Kill Me

  14. If it was my dad, he’d go with something like:

    Old Fart Footnotes


    Old Fart Foibles

  15. Jay, I know you didn’t want your name to be part of the title, but I couldn’t resist this wordplay:

    Jay Trouvé

  16. Geekmom, I like it, assuming you mean the definition as “an ordinary object found at random and considered as a work of art.” and not the Acadian priest, Claude Trouvé.


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