Mishearing TV ads. I have a dirty mind.

Apparently there’s a relatively new wrestling organization out there known as Total Nonstop Action and they’ve been advertising like crazy on TV. The thing is they use the abbreviation TNA to refer to themselves and every time I hear the announcer say “TNA” I end up hearing “T and A” and I immediately think it’s the Tits and Ass wrestling organization. Which is just… weird, when you stop to consider the idea. Though I suppose it’s not too much of a stretch when you consider the female wrestlers that have become a big part of the show.

My brain does a similar somersault (though less dirty in nature) with ads that use the word “less,” as in BRAND NAME SHOES FOR LESS, because I’m commonly called Les which sounds exactly the same so it sounds like someone has a shit load of shoes they’ve collected just for me. I’m particularly fond of “Payless Shoes” though they never get the joke when I walk in and say, “OK, I’m here. So pay me.” Then there’s the Sting song If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free which contains the line “we can’t live here and be happy with less” that always causes me to ask my radio, “Well, why the hell not??”

Yeah, I’ve had too much time on my hands if I’m thinking up stupid shit like this.

12 thoughts on “Mishearing TV ads. I have a dirty mind.

  1. Our local newspaper is called the Telegraph & Argus, or T&A for shot. Never made the tits & ass link before though, so thanks for dirtying my mind…

  2. In Elton John’s Crocodile Rock, when he sings “Had an old blue Chevy and a place of my own,” I always heard “Had my old goat, Teddy, and a place in Bayonne.”

  3. There used to be a banking ad around Seattle that featured the marginally talented “Fabulous Sports Babe” of sport radio fame. She says “Going into the bank used to be the biggest hassle” but somehow I hear “Going into the bank, I’m a big fat asshole”

  4. Do you know the No Doubt song Spiderwebs? The line is “I screen my phone calls”, but she’s sorta yelling it – and for the longest time I kept hearing, “I scream my balls off”.

    Oh, and the Christmas hymn “The First Noel” – my grandmother thought that the “nooo-elll, nooo-elll” part was “No well, no well”, and that they had no water.

  5. Don’t feel bad. Every time one of those friggin’ “Refinance Your Home” commercials comes on and the lady asks, “Are you a homo” I start snickering to myself before she can finish the phrase home owner. Then I always have to repeat it out loud, “are you a homo?” It is probably just funny to me because I am a homo.

  6. Sketchy- My boyfriend and I long ago appropriated that word into “code” which would let us discretely talk about someone else’s sexuality, i.e. “He’s a homeowner, right?” “Oh yeah, he’s got a huge mortgage.” Meaning “He’s gay, isn’t he?” “Uh, no shit.” It’s especially amusing to us since the “code” is so transparent and unnecessary.

    When I was a kid, I remember adamantly insisting to my parents that the tag line for my favorite TV show was “Transformers: More than me, she, I.” See, my thinking was that they were badass robots, right? And they were genderless, presumably? So they were “more” than me, her, or, uh, me?

    My mom used to think that “Glory, glory hallelujah” was “Glory, Glory had to loo loo”, as in use the bathroom.

  7. how can i get my email addy out of my hyperlink?

    Best way is by not putting it there in the first place.

  8. how can i get my email addy out of my hyperlink?

    If you modify your profile to include a URL to a homepage (doesn’t have to be your homepage) then that will be substituted for your email address. It only uses the email address if you don’t have a URL listed.

    Just so you know, ExpressionEngine encodes your email address using JavaScript to help protect it from harvesting bots. Take a look at the source code of the page and you’ll see a bunch of code where your email address would normally be. The advantage to using your email address is that you can sign up to be notified of new replies to a thread you’ve commented on.

  9. Yeah, I’ve had too much time on my hands if I’m thinking up stupid shit like this.


    My mum said to me in the 80’s ‘That’s not a nice song’.  Turned out she thought Huey Lewis and the News were singing ‘Go and get stuffed’ (what- the stuffed get going?)

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