Melvin says: DON’T PISS ME OFF.

So my mother gets this idea in her head that seeing as she and my sister and I all have black cats and it’s getting close to Halloween we should all post pictures of our cats because, you know, they’re black and the whole stereotype about black cats and witches and such. Mom went ahead and used a recycled picture from last year and Cindy posted hers weeks earlier. Meanwhile my loving wife decides to try and get a good picture of Melvin to complete the threesome of pointless cat pictures and ensure that we are all true bloggers who write about our cats. Except that Melvin wasn’t really up to posing at the time so she had me harassing the cat trying to get him to sit up and look pretty and so on. Just about every time Anne tried to snap a picture Melvin would turn and start cleaning himself or twist in such a way that the shot was ruined. After about 10 minutes of him making sure the shot wasn’t any good and my lifting him up and prodding him to sit he started to get a little, well, pissed off and let me know by biting the hell out of my hand at which point I decided that if he’s that annoyed I’m not going to make things worse by continuing to prod him. Especially once we managed to snap this last and final picture which truly captured just how annoyed Melvin was getting with all that nonsense…

Click for a bigger pic, if you DARE!

Melvin is a true mascot of SEB. He does not suffer fools lightly.

10 thoughts on “Melvin says: DON’T PISS ME OFF.

  1. We didn’t name him. He had that horrible appellation when he came to live with us. Had it been up to us he would’ve had a much cooler name. Something like Commander Death Claw.

    When he’s being really irritable he goes by the name “Shit Head” but he usually responds better to Melvin.

  2. I dunno—somehow, that big red heart just takes the wind right out of his mean sails.

    How do you get him to keep his collar on, anyway? Our beastie gets his off and even manages to hide it.

  3. He’s never tried to remove his collar. Just accepted it from the moment we first put it on him. I always thought that was kind of weird myself.

  4. 1) You should have used a picture of the cat licking himself.

    2) The front-page pic of you with horns looks like a character from Farscape.

    3) My black cat would beat up your black cat but he lost a fight with a coyote (or cougar).

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  6. I have the same problem when trying to take pictures of Spike (“I didn’t name her”). When I call her name (she does respond to that…much to my surprise), she looks up at me and without fail, milliseconds before I snap the pic… *lick* or she nudges the camera lense.

  7. I have that problem with my cat. You’d think it’s easy to take a photo of a sleeping cat, but he always wakes up when I try and get a particular shot with his paws over his face.

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