It ain’t the game that’s the problem, it’s the parents.

Go and watch this video on Google Video and you’ll see a perfect example of a kid who wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in my Mom’s house. It’s a capture from a clan match taking place in the game Rainbow Six over Xbox Live and it features a 9-year old kid who forgot to turn his headset off arguing with his mother about getting him a glass of “motherfucking chocolate milk.”

There’s lots of ways to describe this video, Strange, Scary, “WTF?!!” This video is about some 9-year-old arguing with his mother about Chocolate Milk while playing Xbox Live, and forgetting to turn his Headset off.

This video may entertain you. Plus it does make a nice topic of discussion

It starts off a bit noisy and difficult to follow until the guy doing the capture realizes what’s going on and takes the time to sit and listen to the kid rant at his mother. To say it left me aghast is an understatement. In the home I grew up in the sort of backtalk this kid exhibits would’ve been a death sentence at the tender age of 9. Hell, I don’t think I’d dare risk talking to my mother like this at the age of 38 cause my mother would STILL put my fat ass in its place! It’s not even so much the fact that the kid is swearing that’s a shock as much as it is the fact that he’s obviously got absolutely no respect for his mother and she puts up with it! Had I even attempted that sort of thing not only would my ass be too sore to sit for a month, but the game console would be disconnected and locked up (if not thrown away outright) and I’d have a lot more to complain about than not getting a glass of chocolate milk.

The kid is 9 years old and he’s playing Rainbow Six, which is rated M for Mature and not intended for anyone under 17. I wonder who bought the game for him? OK, that’s a rhetorical question. It’s probably the same nitwit that can’t be bothered to be a parent to her child and gets no respect from him as a result. Granted it’s just one video and we’re not familiar with the background of the people involved, but it’s enough to know that something isn’t being done in that household that should be. Not that corporal punishment is the only answer, but this kid makes for a pretty good argument in favor of it.

Link found via Joystiq.

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  1. In the home I grew up in the sort of backtalk this kid exhibits would’ve been a death sentence at the tender age of 9. Hell, I don’t think I’d dare risk talking to my mother like this at the age of 38 cause my mother would STILL put my fat ass in its place!

    Those of us who were beaten with kitchen utensils, shoes and anything else close-at-hand when we got too mouthy… would STILL have put a foot up this kid’s ass from about :20 into the video.  I’d smash the friggin’ Xbox and that little fucker’d be in deep, deep shit.

  2. I’m not sure if you’ve already seen/heard it, but there’s a video similiar to this floating around somewhere in which a teenager essentially records a fight between him and his mom. The mom comes into the room asking for $50 to get to work (apparently they’re poor). The kid, being a smart-ass, says “ask me nicely”. After that, it’s pretty much 15 minutes or so of the mother screaming all sorts of horrible obscenities at the kid. It’s funny to hear, because the entire time the kid is just keeping his cool, repeating “just ask me nicely” over and over. The mother literally just starts losing her mind. It’s hilarious.

  3. Sheesh, in my house, I think the cops would have been called and I would have been doing jail time. Wow! Even now, that would result in all kinds of unpleasant reprocussions.

    However, from the fact that the kid had the game running the whole time, I would say that the mother has brought it on herself. Discipline is very important. If not dished out properly, you wind up with hell boy there and the need for Super Nanny to come to the rescue.

    If my kid were acting like that, he would find himself without a computer/x-box/whatever he was using, TV, bike, etc. They would all go on eBay and the money would go to counceling to straighten out the kid. I don’t think he would see the light of day for a year, minus going to school if they would let him enter the school, and I would have a personal slave for probably about 6 months.

    As to the other video Jacob mentioned. I saw that too. I’m not sure how to take that one. Of course, having some history there would help. He could have been doing what he was doing to get the video, or she could always be like that, and he wanted to document it. One way or the other, that was one twisted video.

  4. Well, watching that video is a bit depressing. The thing that goes through my mind is, someday that kid is going to grow up (physically speaking, of course) and then what? With that kind of attitude and disipline, he’s headed for a really bad place.

  5. Hey, what the motherfucking goddamn frick**?!?### the video is not playing for me and I WANT IT NOW!!!! Les, and if you don’t GET ME THAT STUPID VID *RIGHT* NOW….

    Okay, just playing here obviously, but has anyone else problems like that? I get only a blank page with ‘Google Video’ top.

  6. Kids like this is exactly why I believe corpral punishment of some minors is a necesary evil. Can you imagine what he’ll be like at age 16?

  7. Can you imagine what he’ll be like at age 16?

    Unfortunately, I can imagine what he’d be like at 16 and I can imagine what he’d be like when he is even older. This brat sounds exactly like many of the people I either had as roommates or who lived in the same dorm I did when I was in college. 18-22 years old and not a single one of them thought they should do anything to look after themselves (that is what roommates are for, cooking, cleaning, etc.) One guy in my Freshman dorm even spent entire nights in other peoples’ rooms using their computers or playing their video games while while they slept and got super pissed off if someone wouldn’t let him do this.

  8. well I finally watched this video after about a day’s worth of anticipation, but I gotta say, it doesn’t sound like she treats the kid well either. I have never tolerated people screaming at me, unless I could scream and act generally hostile towards them too. In fact I remember being very, very judgemental since that was the way I was raised; my mother and her notions of right and wrong, my father and his notions of pride and shame.

    I don’t like the kid OR the parent, and I’ll point fingers at both. It’s important to be consistent in your behavior around your kids, though, and holding double standards is a great way to get intelligent kids to blow you off for the mere lip-service you’re giving.

  9. I found this sound clip both disturbing and depressing.  I agree with arc_legion in his analysis of this parent-child relationship. There is some serious dysfunctionality going on in that family (single parent or not).

    It breaks my heart that almost any ‘ole nincompoop can get pregnant and bring a child into this world. 

    But for those who can’t, adopting or fostering takes multiple criminal checks and the highest standards of quality material environment to be created and maintained before you can be considered. 

    Then there is the money factor… if you don’t have some (or sign your soul away to get loans)… you aren’t allowed the privilege of being a parent.  *sigh*

    Parenting is tough… hard…. complicated… and no parent (like no person) is perfect. However, there are those who try to do their best and actively work towards growing into better parents as time ebbs by… Then there are those who scream for $50 or having a 9 year old demanding a “fucking glass of chocolate milk.” 

    *Sigh*  Future… what future with aspiring leaders like this being raised to man the societal machine?

  10. No problems playing it back on my end, Ingolfson. It uses Google Video Player, though, so if you don’t have that installed then that might be why you can’t view it.

    Ugh. Another propriertary format that I will have to download a program on my drive with undeclared content and maybe even registry entries for?

    I’ll pass. At least until I get back down to NZ and into an internet cafe there.

  11. This video made me so upset I went and spanked my kid just to prove a point. He’s only 14 months so I couldn’t explain that I was spanking him in leiu of that brat on the video, but he’ll understand someday.

  12. 15 minutes alone with him… please… and give me a leather belt…

    and when I’m done, I’m gonna have a long talk with his mother about how to raise a child.

  13. Badmouthing is quite natural to hot-tempered people and it cannot be removed from their system. Even if one tries to remove elements to prevent these occasions, he/she will still be able to learn these things.

    Most badmouthers do not know what they say. Well they can speak “MOTHERFUCKER” but does he know it? He just says it because it is a bad word and the best way to release one’s anger is to say the BADDEST* word he knows.

    Regardless of age, one cannot prevent the use and misuse of bad words. Even if you don’t expose him/her in the reality of badmouthing, that person will still use another word that has an equivalent level of anger as a bad word.

    It’s not the video game’s nor the parent’s fault. We can never blame anyone or anything that might have caused him to say this. It is quite better to expose him than to keep him from learning** [like reverse psychology]. And maybe, you could even teach him what that word really means. But it is still necessary to correct him, in a way not to misuse the word as an everyday thing.

    * – slang word: worst
    ** – Don’t follow my suggestion if you cannot take the risk

  14. The issue here is not what the child said or did. It is that the child was allowed to act this way and the child knew he was allowed to act this way.

    Whether or not “badmouthing” is a behavior that can be removed, I’m inclined to take it that such a behavior and other related behaviors are a result of environment as opposed to genetics. This behavior was learned and not effectively discouraged, the only ingredients needed for nurturing a negative behavior. The onus of that is upon the parent.

  15. Badmouthing is quite natural to hot-tempered people and it cannot be removed from their system. Even if one tries to remove elements to prevent these occasions, he/she will still be able to learn these things.

    Most badmouthers do not know what they say. Well they can speak “MOTHERFUCKER

  16. I can understand 1 or 2 kids in a classroom of 30 being this kind of discipline problem-hey, selfish stupid people breeding is a fact of life.

    My problem is that by the time they reach high school, their behavior problems have inhibited their academic progress to the point that they get tracked together into a class like the one I have been forced to teach this year.

    What is the logic of puting all of the children who have proven through tests that they have no learning disability or language barrier to account for being 7 years or so below grade level, but discipline files taller than they are into the same class?  I don’t necessarily think we should REALLY try this, but what would be wrong with just expelling them from the public schools altogether after they’ve proven to be a waste of time & $?  Some kids just have more of a chance to learn from the school of hard knocks than from our public school coddling.

    Just picture putting 25 of them in a classroom together…It’s almost enough to convince me that retroactive abortion isn’t such an immoral idea.  These last few months teaching 2 such classes has really shocked the hell out of me.  Calling home is exactly like that video- I’ve actually overheard several such arguments when I’ve called parents.

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