HSN snags me again. Another holiday lawn ornament I must own someday.

I need to win the lottery so I can buy a house and decorate it in a gaudy fashion for the Holidays. Cruising through the channels I again happened upon Home Shopping Network, a channel I almost never watch, and got snagged by yet another Christmas lawn ornament that had me drooling. This time it was one of those light-up inflatable decorations that have become so popular the last couple of years. This one featured Santa, a Snowman in a snow globe, and Christmas tree all in one big decoration. What sold me on it, though, is the fact that the snowglobe blows little white balls around inside it to make it look like the real thing. That pushed my gimmick geek button hard and I sat here for several minutes watching them talk about it on HSN. Damned thing costs $100, but that’s why I need to win the lottery. I really have to quit stopping on this stupid channel.

Can’t really see the snow effect in the still picture here, but it was way cool.

6 thoughts on “HSN snags me again. Another holiday lawn ornament I must own someday.

  1. This one is okay – but the one they were selling here in Virginia at Costco (and Walmart?) was a 7-foot globe with a lifesize Santa, Frosty, *and* Rudolph inside, grouped in a festive circle-jerk . . . and you’re right, the snow effect *was* pretty cool!  People kept blocking the aisles to stare at this thing with their mouths wide open. And all of that holiday splendor could be yours for just $149.

    I hadda use my shopping cart to SMASH! my way through the crowd, angrily yelling “One side! ONE SIDE!” at the gawkers. 


  2. I was sitting here thinking I got a yard(2+ acres) I could buy that then Beau Tochs talks about the other Snow Globe.  I think I want that one instead.  Damn I got to stop hanging around a Christmas geek’s site!

  3. I saw the snow globe one with everybody on the inside too.  I stood there thinking how cool it would be to have, but I saw it at Meijers at 2:00AM.  I’d love to have it too, but with my luck here it would get stolen.

  4. Looks like Sears might have something similar with a snowglobe that has Santa, a Christmas tree, and Frosty all inside of it and it’s advertised as $50 off the normal price, but when you click on the link for it you get a message that the product isn’t currently available.

  5. I was wrong – the golldurned thing is actually 8 FEET, not a mere 7!!  IT’S MORE TA LOVE, I TELLS YA!

    And Les, I saw the exact one you described over at the Giant food store in town, also selling for $149.

  6. you guys are right into your holidays are’nt ya! – here in australia where apathy rules most people cant be bothered,however there is one little town in the hills of Adelaide;Loberthal,thats a tourist attraction just for goin absolutley crazy in competition to out-do each other in the crazy lights department.
    So much so,the Government gives them a limited rebate on thier power bills! sure clogs up the traffic up there for a few weeks..but from the sounds of it this is the norm in the U.S!

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