Happy Halloween 2005!

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2005!

  1. HaHa! – best wishes for the season,though here in Australia we really dont know what your going on about with this Halloween bizz wink
    Nevertheless ive really appreciated the change of format,especially the Franky-Les and the Wolfman-Les (missed the zombie,dammit!) – IMHO,you should keep one of these full-time – go the Wolf-man!!

  2. Happy Hallowe’en SEB-ers!

    Yeah, in Oz it’s a bit difficult to get into the mood when it’s warm & sunny outside 🙁
    The closest I’ll get to a Hallowe’en theme is my pumpkin shaped cat wink

  3. Moving right along with the Earth’s rotation:
    Happy Hallow’een from Vienna!
    We’ve had unusually warm weather this October, but today is just right for Samhain- brisk wind, nip in the air, and best of all- the medlars are ripe!

  4. Happy ‘ween!

    Here are the top signs that you are unemployed:

    1) You consider dressing up putting a bra on to go to the gas station
    2) You fear leaving the house because it will cost money
    3) You develop inane projects like obsessively blogging to keep yourself entertained
    4) You develop insomnia due to inactivity
    5) You masturbate during daylight hours
    6) You don’t eat, it’s too expensive & not really worth the effort
    7) You smoke twice as much as normal, not only does it serve as entertainment but compensates for the lack of food in the kitchen
    8) You have deep conversations with your pets
    9) You memorize daytime TV schedules
    10) You take showers on an as needed basis. Need is defined by people asking ‘Do you smell something?’ or alternately you take one every 3 hours for ‘fun’
    11) You think too much….about everything

  5. And for all your Halloween spellcasting needs:

    Imagine if you had a way to achieve the wealth you’ve always wanted.

    What if you could drift off to sleep knowing that happiness and good fortune was yours and it was as simple as clicking a button?

    SpellKaster is the exciting new software that uses the advanced power of Radionic Energy to make all of your dreams and desires come true.


    Until now it simply wasn’t possible…

    All kinds of people waste Thousands of Dollars on psychics, fortunetellers and even voodoo…

    They hire questionable opportunists to cast spells or spin some wild curse because they simply do not know that a real power exists inside an easy to use software…

    Imagine using it on your computer right now.


    Why hire a questionable opportunist when you can just buy software from one?

  6. To quote Les- What the fuck is wrong with you people?  Did you not read the Spellkaster ad? Do you not feel the Radonic Energy coursing through you.

    No sarcastic comments on this at all.

    Worrying me the most is that one of the following must be true.

    1) The guy believes in what he sells.
    2) The guy is stupid enough to belive that someone will buy it, even though it’s obviously stupid.
    3) Someone will buy it.

    Yours, filled with radonic energy

    Last Hussar

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