Guys, seriously, my ass is on fire!

No, it’s not Cartman from South Park. It’s Sam’s Butt Rocket. A video clip in which we get a great demonstration of why you should never try to launch a bottle rocket from your asshole, unless you’re as big of an idiot as the teenage male in this video. Warning: NSFW due to partially naked dumbass.

On the one hand it’s always amusing to watch idiots injure themselves, but on another it still amazes me that there are people out there so stupid as to think this could possibly be a cool thing to do—let alone video tape it so it can be uploaded to the net. I did some pretty stupid things in my time and I don’t think I’d want anyone taping any of them because the memories of them are painful enough without a video reminder being necessary. Especially one which the whole world has access too. Still, my mother always taught me that everyone is good for something and in this case it appears he’s striving to be the best bad example he can be.

Borrowed from PZ Myers who’s using the video to teach his daughter important lessons on why boys should just be avoided altogether. Say, that’s not a bad idea…

14 thoughts on “Guys, seriously, my ass is on fire!

  1. Just think, when this asshat applies for a job years from now, that video is going to resurface and make life miserable for him.

    It’ll make Internet history like that Star Wars kid or the guys playing D&D outside, yelling “lightning bolt! lightning bolt! lightning bolt!” but this one has a real lightning bolt.

  2. when this asshat applies for a job years from now

    That assumes he survives that long.

    I saved the video for educational purposes, though. It’s almost as good as taking kids to the morgue to show them the results of DUI.

  3. Oh god.  I have never seen so much sheer stupidity than this tape.  Hence this is why I’m ashamed of my own manhood.

  4. They did this same thing in the Jackass movie, only multiple times. If I remember correctly, they tied the rocket to his penis for one variation.

  5. As long as my daughter is singing songs about how boys have fleas and are stupid (which she was doing just a little while ago), I guess I don’t need to worry too much. But mebby I’ll keep this on file for a later date.

  6. Come on, hasn’t that video answered all your questions about asses and bottle rockets?  Finally, I can sleep easy knowing what would happen if my brain were to implode and I thought putting a bottle rocket in my ass was a good idea.

  7. And I thought lighting farts was adventurous…  Not to give anyone any ideas, understand…

  8. They went to town on this over at Pharyngula too, with a virtual duplicate of GP Lifeguard’s fervent wish.  My favorite comment, though, was from Raven (I don’t think she’ll mind my quoting her here):

    Another one of my assumptions about how the world works is demolished—I had just always implicitly taken for granted that not shoving a rocket up your own ass is one of the few universal human values.

  9. rotflmao

    Crap.  This fucktard is probably driving a car somewhere.


    Kinda makes you want to hide under the couch, doesn’t it?

  10. Speaking of Darwin, there are a few other fireworks-related videos on this site. Cringeworthy, every one of them.

    You have to figure that for every moron featured on a video capture, there are a few more that remain off-camera….

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