Good Night, And Good Luck.

As I continue to avoid reading Paul Ricoeur for my Continental Philosophy class, I’ve just recently been seeing commercials for a new movie coming out called Good Night, And Good Luck.  The movie is about a few CBS journalists in 1953 who take on Sen. Joseph McCarthy.  The movie is directed by George Clooney who also happens to play Fred Friendly in it.  David Strathairn plays the legendary Edward R. Murrow who takes on McCarthy.

From the trailer I expect it will be very interesting and applicable with our current state of affairs.  Unfortunately it’s coming out to various theaters slowly and hitting the metropolises first.  I expect it won’t be near me until Nov. 4th when it starts “opening in additional markets.”  If anyone sees it please post with a review.

On a side note, the movie links to a very interesting site called Report It Now.  The site encourages people to report a story in their community about “civil rights abuses, government corruption, injustices of any stripe.”  the site provides links to the Journalism Code of Ethics and a few sites for tips on how to create an audio, video, or written advocacy report.  The site is definitely worth a look.  I expect I and some of my other friends in the Students for Peace and Justice group on my campus will be giving the resources of the site some use.  When you submit the reports you can get feedback by other members and possibly even win a Mac Mini or an iPod Nano.  Take a look and leave a review.

5 thoughts on “Good Night, And Good Luck.

  1. I just saw “Good Night, and Good Luck” a couple nights ago.
    Definitely a great movie. Its a very subtle movie, nothing flashy at all – it even lacks an underscore (although a few songs are featured being performed onscreen).
    But, very engaging, and very, very topical.
    I almost found myself yelling at the screen, sometimes at McCarthy, other times at some of the characters trying to justify going along with the red scare.
    Possibly the best movie so far this year.

  2. Needless to say, this film has got a lot of Bush’s drones, er, supporters up in arms.
    Example: Couple quotes from

    “All of the liberals in Hollywood and Washington continue to call what Senator Joseph McCarthy did a “witch hunt,

  3. Damn, if it’s pissing off the Religious Right that much then it must be a great movie. Definitely added to my “see it at some point soon” list.

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