Ain’t that just my kinda luck…

Anne’s been home pretty much all this week trying to recover from the sinus infection she picked up. Today she was feeling quite a bit better so the two of us drove to the Wayne County Family Services office nearby so I could apply for any assistance I might qualify for. Not something I was really interested in doing, but Anne getting sick pretty much drove the point home that I needed to at least try and get Courtney under Medicaid until I can manage to land a job. With Anne working we don’t qualify for welfare itself and only qualify for catastrophic insurance coverage under Medicaid (basically anything that would cost more than $800 to cover). Courtney, however, does qualify for medical coverage. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever applied for government assistance and it was a mortifying experience for me.

So, naturally, when we got home after some three and a half hours it only figures that there’d be a phone message from one of the EDS jobs I applied for on Which is great except that whoever left the phone message spoke so quickly and loudly that her name was completely garbled on the digital answering machine and the phone number she left ends up playing a recording that says to call a different number for assistance. Calling that number I tried to explain to the lady who answered that I had no idea who it was that called me, but I had the phone number she said to call. Problem is the nice lady on the phone doesn’t have any record of that phone number being part of their company. The prefix is right, but the last four digits are unknown. Being EDS there’s a lot of potential divisions that could have been calling me and the recruiting department itself doesn’t have a phone number for some reason.

Basically it boils down to me actually getting a rare call-back from a job I applied for and being completely unable to return the phone call because I don’t know who it was and the phone number doesn’t work. My only hope is that she’ll try again on Monday. So much for reducing my stress level this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Ain’t that just my kinda luck…

  1. Something computer related. grin Sorry, but I’ve been applying for a lot of different jobs later. Several at EDS.

  2. It seems that sinus infections are going around right now, everyone in my house has one at the moment as well.  Stupid bacteria, making life so unpleasant.

  3. Don’t feel bad about the Medicaid – if Courtney stays healthy, then you don’t even need it.  If you do, she’s more important than pride.  And seriously, of all of the sorts of “government assistance” out there, providing health care to people who are between jobs is one that I heartily support.  (Then again, I work for my state’s medicaid department . . . )

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