A small peek at “Serenity.”

Not sure if you want to see the Serenity movie? Never seen the show Firefly that was its genesis? Wish you could get a small sample beyond the trailer to whet your appetite? Well, your wish has been granted.

5 thoughts on “A small peek at “Serenity.”

  1. I saw the clip last night and I must say it looks great. I noticed something in the clip that I wrote about in the blog, if I knew how to attach images here I would posted the pictures in my reply here…but if you must know what I’m talking about visit my blog.

  2. Wow, I definitely have to see it now.  I only saw about one episode of the show, though.  Do reruns show on Sci-Fi channel?

  3. We got the complete season of Firefly on DVD from our library—all the episodes, in the order they were meant to be in, including the episodes that were not aired. We never got to see the series while it aired. It’s a pity it was cancelled.

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