Well, it’s an interview at least.

Got a call a few moments ago from the local Best Buy store. They want to interview me on Thursday at 5PM for a possible part-time position on the Geek Squad. I was hoping for full-time, but apparently they start everyone off as part-time and they’re gearing up for the Holidays so it’s possible I could go full-time in short order. No idea what the pay rate will be, but it’s a moot point anyway as any money is still better than no money. With it being part-time I may be able to land a second job someplace else to see if I can’t make ends meet. I’m just pleased I’m finally getting to go on my first real interview for an actual position someplace in almost 8 months time. I have no idea if I could make a career by advancing through the Geek Squad ranks at Best Buy, but it’s a start and it’s still within my skill set. If nothing else, it keeps the wolves at bay for at least a little longer.

Also heard from Jonathan at Compeople, which is the company I’ve been doing freelance work for whenever they’ve had overflow, and he’s passed my resume on to an insurance company that’s looking for a network administrator to hire full-time. He spoke very highly of me and how, if he had enough work to justify it, he’d hire me full-time in a heartbeat. So perhaps that may produce another interview before too much longer. If you’re in South Eastern Michigan and you need some help with your computers either at home or your small business then give the folks at Compeople a call as they’ve been very helpful in keeping my ass afloat.

There’s always the chance that Steven Spielberg may happen upon this site at some point and be so impressed with my rugged good looks and spunky attitude that he casts me as a primary character in his next big project and I become an overnight celebrity as well, but until that happens at least it looks like I’ll be working someplace for awhile.

3 thoughts on “Well, it’s an interview at least.

  1. A word of caution before you accept the job at Best Buy, Les. Read through their employment contract very carefully. For some reason, many of these large retail companies are doing what Blockbuster started years ago, throwing in a clause that anything you create, write, etc, during the term of your employment, on the clock or off the clock, belongs to them.

  2. Yeah mate – you’d make the best villian ever!..can truelly imagine you swinging a giant sword in the next Indy-jones movie!

  3. Those types contractual clauses are, well, practically unenforceable in any sane state’s court of law.

    [1] Unless they can prove you did the work on their property (such as a BestBuy jobsite or on BestBuy owned equipment), or can cast doubt on whether you truly created X widget on your own hours and your own hardware, they don’t stand a chance of enforcement, much less acquiring financial penalties—and BestBuy’s lawyers know that, too.
    [2] If your laweyer can prove that *any* part of their contract was not held up by BestBuy, then the entire contract is thrown out, in toto.  That goes for state/federal employment laws (e.g., you didn’t get a bathroom break, etc.)
    [3] Many states, like New York, have ruled against such silliness, such as non-compete clauses.  That said, there is an exception: In cases where an individual terminates their employment and then accepts employment (without due dilligence to persue employment elsewhere) with an entity/company/division directly in competition with the former employer, such a clause would never be enforced (e.g., Kai-Fu Lee and the Google/MSFT Seattle lawsuit).

    Also, remember, in just such cases as this, you cannot enforce such clauses (or contracts) when an individual is *compelled* to enter into a contract.  What constitutes being compelled?  Well, when the employee’s well-being is at risk (e.g., is in severe financial hardship, threat of physical or psychological harm to one’s self or family).

    Trust me, i’ve had former psycho bosses (i’ve worked for more than one) hang “no-compete” and “works/creations during said employment’s duraction” clauses over my head post-employment; One letter from *your* lawyer to *their* lawyer will take care of it, no problem.  And i know lawyers who will gladly, with true giddiness, take such cases for merely a stake in the spoils; That’s how easy such cases usually are for former employees.

    Any lawyer with half a brain would gladly take on such a case for your (and their) fiscal benefit.  Such a case would be like shooting fish in a bucket.


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