Want a Gmail account? Just ask.

I couldn’t help but notice that number of invites I have for Gmail accounts recently doubled in number. Most of the time it sits around the 50 mark, but the other day it jumped to 100. So if any you folks want a Gmail account then all you need to do is ask and provide an email address for me to mail it to. Don’t know if there’s that many people still looking to get into Gmail, but here’s your chance if you are.

268 thoughts on “Want a Gmail account? Just ask.

  1. I don’t know, Kapoor, you don’t seem near desperate enough to really deserve a gmail account. Perhaps with a little more begging.

    And, Nano, one request is more than enough. You guys could use a couple of typing classes though.

  2. PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!
    For DEVIL,s send me a GMAIL account my stupid idiot bastard almighty.

  3. Les: I have read your gmail post and I’d really appreciate if you could send me an invitation code and the phone number to open a gmail mail account to hmurn@hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot man,



  4. Wow, after the last several requests I’m actually down to only 79 invites left. Maybe the well is actually starting to run dry!

  5. Hey Les! Can I please have a gmail account? I’d really love one! Thanx in advance,
    Paris, xxx

  6. Gmail code and beer good…. MyWay.com and your mom baaad LOL

    Thanks man and love the Evil Stupid Bastard site!

  7. I’d love an G-mail invite, thanks. Great site that has saved me from me from “temptations” like ProductTestPanel.com. Again thankyou.

  8. Wow! I thought I was going to simply ask for a gmail invite and sod off but I’ve just finished reading the ‘paranormal Rose’ posts. Many smiles, thanks.. I’m happy to have stumbled over your site, I shall most definitely be returning.. Great site Les!

  9. Hi Les,
    I must admit that I found this site looking for a gmail invite code… but to tell the truth, I’ve been pleasantly surprised!!! (so I registered)The name is a bit misleading, but I always try to find out more before making any assumptions. (Great that the name didn’t scare me away!!!)
    Well, I’m still interested in that code… if you have any left (which I guess you do) I hope you send me one.
    I’ll be around as often as I can…
    Regards from distant Patagonia

  10. Done and done. Glad you like the site, Karo. It’s always nice to hear from folks who appreciate whatever it is that I do here. grin

  11. Hello Les

    I would be very grateful if you could send me an invitation for a gmail account.

    Thanks a lot.

  12. bonjour Les

    Good to see i am not alone reading the content of your site… anychanche of a gmail address like laurentsj@gmail?

    Also, i need to setup a site customising EE…would you be interested?



  13. Hi there!!!, Could you send me a code for Gmail please. If you do that, you’ll have a good friend in Mexico. Thanks a lot.

  14. Pretty please,

    If you have any more invitations to GMail, I would be most grateful.



  15. Hey,

    Ifm anyone has a spare GMAIL invite lying around, could I have it please?

    Thanks a lot!

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