Want a Gmail account? Just ask.

I couldn’t help but notice that number of invites I have for Gmail accounts recently doubled in number. Most of the time it sits around the 50 mark, but the other day it jumped to 100. So if any you folks want a Gmail account then all you need to do is ask and provide an email address for me to mail it to. Don’t know if there’s that many people still looking to get into Gmail, but here’s your chance if you are.

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  1. Send me one over as well. Unlikely that I’ll switch, as I am very happy with yahoo, but I’d like to see if its good anyway. Thanks.

  2. Well I have a gmail account now.  I understood the GoogleTalk has a text messenging application, no?  That is the feature I want.  YIM has those annoying smilies and I just… can’t… install… anything from AOL (gag!)  The Google app looked pretty clean.

  3. It’s web based email with around 2GB of storage. Plus it lets you use the new Google Talk IM client. The only reason you’d need a cell phone is to sign up without an invite by sending an SMS message.

  4. Be prepared for a never-ending streams of comments to this post, Les. I’ve been making such a post this february, and it still generates a steady stream of comments from people who want an invitation tongue laugh

    By the way, Google keeps refreshing the invitations in regular intervals, so they won’t really be near 0 or so in the foreseeable future either wink

  5. Oh trust me, I’ve done this before and some of the really old threads still get the occasional response so I stopped doing it for awhile. But with 100 invites I figure I can put up with the late comers for a bit.

  6. Done. Funny thing. I was down to 95 invites before your request came in and when I went to send yours I was already back up to 100.

  7. I’ve read it. We had that discussion way back when Gmail first hit the scene. I still maintain that they’re no worse off than using services like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

  8. Maybe this isn’t the right thread for this question, but could someone give a quick rundown on the benefits of gmail compared to, say, hotmail?

  9. I have to admit, I never used Hotmail myself, simply because it’s Microsoft (and, back when I could have used it, only provided 5 or 10 MB space and didn’t have POP3 access). Apart from that…

    – 2570 MB space and growing (faster than my archive, which is currently at 280 MB)
    – great spam filter (better than any other I’ve seen, including desktop spam filters)
    – intuitive interface
    – unobstrusive ads
    – doesn’t delete messages

    – 250 MB space
    – mediocre spam filter
    – clumbersome interface
    – MSN all over the place
    – deletes messages after a few months

    Basically, Gmail is easier to use (as in, faster) and has more useful features than any other mail service. IMHO, Hotmail sucks anyway, better use GMX or Yahoo if not Gmail, but I see no reason why we shouldn’t feed the giant here…

  10. HELLO FROM SPAIN IM VERY INSTERESTED IN GMAIL ACCOUNTS…sorry for my bad english …can u send me an invitation? bye from Jerez (Spain)

  11. Done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, and done.

    Got down to only 90 gmail invites left and then today I’m back up to 100. Hilarious!

  12. Hi Les,

    I too would like to test the bandwagon, so could you please send me an invite for gmail.



  13. Dear Les,

    I’m wondering if it is possible for you to send me one of the invitations for a Gmail account.
    Thank you so much, if you can.
    Good luck with the job searching – it’s just what I’m up to right now.


  14. can i have a gmail account……..but im not going to beg like all these idiot’s.                            thanks

  15. Done, done, done, and done. What cracks me up is that so far I’ve yet to drop below 90 invites left before they snap back up to a full 100.

  16. Done and done.

    Jimmy, I have no idea. I think it may be because I’ve been a user for so long. For awhile I’d get only 3 at a time, then it jumped up to 50, and lately it’s been 100. I’m back down to 96 invites at the moment, but it’ll be back to 100 by Wednesday I’m sure.

  17. So the most you send out the more you get?
    Is it possible to run out of invites? cuz u seem to have like 9999999999 xD

  18. Done, done, and done. I’m down to 93 now.

    Jimmy, I’m sure if I were to suddenly get 100 requests all at once I’d be able to run out of invites for a few days, but they seem to restock them every three or four days so it wouldn’t last long.

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