Utah school board says no to teaching Intelligent Design.

I must say that this comes as quite a surprise. Seems the Utah Board of Education on Friday unanimously approved a position statement supporting the continued exclusive teaching of evolution in state classrooms.

Speaking to board members, 10 scientists and researchers representing disciplines including biology, chemistry, geology, paleontology and engineering tried to dismantle the contention that intelligent design is based on sound science.

Instead, many called it pseudoscience and agreed with Duane Jeffery, a Brigham Young University biology professor, who put it in the same category as astrology and pyramid power.

“By definition, science does not attempt to explain the world by invoking the supernatural,” University of Utah bioengineering professor Gregory Clark told the board.

“Intelligent design fails as science because it does exactly that – it posits that life is too complex to have arisen from natural causes, and instead requires the intervention of an intelligent designer who is beyond natural explanation. Invoking the supernatural can explain anything, and hence explains nothing.”

Bravo to the Utah Board of Education for keeping their science classes focused on real science. I have to admit that, considering the state in question, my first thought would be that ID would easily be adopted there, but apparently those folks in Utah are a heck of a lot smarter than I assumed they were.

3 thoughts on “Utah school board says no to teaching Intelligent Design.

  1. Thank goodness there are some people out there that are not sheep.  Let us continue to break up the flock and start using our minds for intelligent pursuits!

  2. Wow, interesting article. I live in SLC, Utah and was very surprised about this. There is another interesting link off of the article you linked to.

    Mormons are taught to leave theory of evolution to science

    The official LDS Church position has remained steady from a 1931 First Presidency statement to a 1993 packet handed out at BYU students: “Leave geology, biology, archaeology and anthropology, none of which has to do with the salvation of the souls of mankind, to scientific research.”

    Funny thing is, I don’t think most Mormons know of the official position of the Church. Hmm, probably because it isn’t really discussed. For those of you who aren’t aware, Salt Lake City, Utah is the headquarters for the LDS church (Mormons). The majority of the population here is Mormon.

  3. I lived in SLC as well, for almost 4 years, so this comes as a real shock. Utah was at one point 51st in the nation for education—they had to borrow Puerto Rico—but it seems they’re taking a few steps forward. Good for them!

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