Time to start thinking about the holidays.

It happens to me every year. First few chilly days in September and I start dreaming of the holidays that are just around the corner. Of course this year I’m looking at the very real possibility of spending mine in bankruptcy court the way things are going, but we’ll just pretend I can actually afford to participate for a moment. Now when the holidays roll around it’s just as important that your PC be as festive as your house. In the past I’ve pointed out various ways to accomplish this including the famous USB powered Snowman and no less than two different USB Christmas Trees.

Those are nice and all, but what if you want a traditional string of Christmas lights to drape around your PC like you do on your house? Well your dreams have come true with the USB Powered Deco Lights for PC Case & Monitor!

The coolest and easiest way to decorate your computer case, monitor or desk! This Deco Light glows a chilling, ice-blue LED when plugged in to your computer’s USB port! Put one on your monitor, desk or wherever and let the glowing LED shine bright!


    USB Powered Deco Light
    General Features:

  • Ice Blue lights
  • USB interface
  • Plug and Play
  • Use it to decorate your PC case, monitor, etc.
  • Length: 10-foot (approximate)
  • Retail Blister Pack Includes:
  • USB Powered Deco Light

Best of all they only cost $3.50 + shipping and you can get a multi-colored string as well. Now you can have a string of lights to go along with your Christmas tree and snowman showing off not only your festive spirit, but your ridiculous levels of geekiness. I want me some.

3 thoughts on “Time to start thinking about the holidays.

  1. Les, you want one, mail me your adress. Unless you’d prefer a donation for your other expenses instead.

  2. Thanks for the offer, Ingolfson, but unless I get employed soon I don’t know much longer I’ll have a PC to put these lights on. grin

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